Screenshotter FridayFreakoutHighSpeedWingsuitCollisionInFreefall 0’44”

Wingsuit Collision In Freefall

The wingsuit flying, also called wingfly, is a modality of BASE jumping and parachuting that consists of jumping to the void dressed in an air suit, and traveling long routes planning, to finally land using ...

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GoPro Fusion Jeb Corliss Wingsuit Rodeo

Jeb Corliss Wingsuit Rodeo

 Few days ago on the official GoPro Youtube channel was posted a video about a recent Wingsuit Rodeo performed by Jeb Corliss. This video is really interesting not only because of the performance itslef ...

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Just a couple of weeks ago appeared a video on youtube that every wingsuit lover should watch. The title is “Insane Wingsuit Trick Shots 147 MPH” and it was posted on the youtube channel devinsupertramp. ...

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RC Wingsuit Part 1

RC Wingsuit – Part 1

Will this fly like a… well a human? or drop like a rock? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see! Stay tuned for next weeks video where I build the parachute and a new drone ...

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Dare to Fly!

The Wingsuit, is a discipline of parachuting and extreme sport that is based on the use of a pressurized nylon jumpsuit, with a design of two wings for the arms and a leg wing, which ...

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GoPro fusion 360VR wingsuit Rodeo

360VR wingsuit Rodeo

This is one of the highest quality 360VR shots I have taken so far. This really shows what kind of quality you can get with the #goprofusion from #gopro 🙂 Aly did a rodeo with ...

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