Marshall Miller Wingsuits with DRACO

Wingsuit pilot Marshall Miller teamed up with a fellow wingsuiter Scott “Plamer” Palmer and the Pilot Mike Patey in order to pull off an epic wingsuit and to perform the epic aircraft stunt across Utah with the DRACO hinterland bush plane. Bush planes are a type of small aircraft designed to land on and take off from grass airstrips or rough ground and carry passengers to remote areas. DRACO is an upgraded back country bush plane designed and built in five months by Mike Patey.

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You must watch the footage, I assure you that like the spectators present, you will be amazed with the stunning images. The viewers were left open-mouthed while the adrenaline junkie effortlessly holds the wing of the plane while plummeting to the ground. In the video the two men are seen who launch themselves from the bush plane at more than 13,000 feet in the air

Bush aircraft are a type of small aircraft designed to rise and take off from grass-blasted or rough ground and take passengers to remote areas.

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Pilot, Mile Patey, who spent five months designing and building the plane, is heard telling his fellow wingsuiters: ‘Alright jumpers you’re going to have to position me. You’re right in the sun so I’m half blind.’ As the bush plane slowly levels with the wingsuiters both men draw closer and are able to eventually grab hold of the wings of the plane. As Miller grabs onto the bush plane the pilot is heard saying: ‘Nice work boys! Beautiful work! ‘I am flying with superstars.’

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While the shrub plane slowly comes to the same level as the waders, both men approach and can finally grab the wings of the plane. While both wing-panners jump to the ground parachuting, the pilot shares his awe at the incredible stunt and is heard saying: ‘So cool. Whatever that was it was money. Unreal boys. ‘That was beautiful. I love you guys!’

This is the heart-pounding moment one wingsuit daredevil took to the skies to perform an extraordinary jump at 13,500 feet. On Instagram Marshall Miller wrote: ‘This was actually pretty hard to do. ‘Long/short @mike_patey had to fly his badass bush plane ‘Draco’ as dirty as possible (slow and steep) while @scottpalmerair and I had to fly at max performance to match up.
‘As soon as we had proof of concept @gopro sent out a couple buds to help capture the flights and here is the edit. It took us roughly 10 attempts to line it up and make it happen.’

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  1. This video precisely proves the point that some people are trying to make about the Hypersmooth stabilization. It stabilizes the crap out of the video and while seeing the video you don’t even feel like they are in the air @ 13k feet. For these kind of videos I would rather use the EIS stabilization and do the post production stabilization wherever needed in the video.

  2. Mark - thecrazytravellerwithcamera

    And who told that people can’t fly?!

  3. Look an epic footage in Venice in my channel !!!!!!

  5. Mr Nicolas trace sa route

    Top movie ???

  6. That missed high 5 tho

  7. Mike and Scott, you guys having way to much fun, keep it up, you’re living your best life for sure ??

  8. طيران شراعي الكابتن أبو نايف العطوي
  9. DRACO isn’t a plane, it’s a beast!!! X 1000!!!

  10. Wow beautiful

  11. 可怕,真刺激

  12. “Whatever that was it was money.”

    Even the pilot knew this was retarded. Should of scraped this video idea and just donated the money to people burning alive in CA.

  13. Hey GoPro can I have a GoPro?

  14. 13.300 what???

  15. Suoerb

  16. Que grande

  17. Woah! Super cool ?? I love gopro ?

  18. Lovingthetruth7 Ltt7

    Man, I’m so jealous. If there is one thing I could do with my life before I die, flying in a wingsuit would be it.

  19. It’s great but for the poor like me to have money to buy one is hard

  20. Back to work!

  21. Draco, the plane I have an actual crush on.

  22. Omg i wish i could fly by a wingsuit

  23. meh

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  25. Who else came from Mike Patey’s channel?

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