Screenshotter IGOBUNGEEJUMPINGVLOGAbsolutelyBlake 4’43”

Blake’s first Bungee Jump

Absolutely Blake is a Canadian Youtuber who usually posts funny videos through his channel. In his Vlog, Blake talks about girlfriends, things he did, breakups, in short, basically Challenges, Lifestyle, Comedy, and nonsense in general. ...

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Screenshotter WingsuitRopeSwingworldPremiere 0’18” 1

Amazing Wingsuit Rope Swing

Vincent “Le Blond” Descols, is a French Wingsuiter -you most remember him from Denivelator Wingsuit – a Tribute to Brian Drake. Vincent grew up in a mountain village in the French Pyrennees mountains. He always ...

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Paramotor Emergency Landing In A Corn Field

Paramotor Emergency Landing!!!

The adventure began with a bit of Indoor Skydiving, in the facilities of a prestigious company in Westchester, followed by another little Paramotor flight with his fellows, to clarify the thoughts and comment about the ...

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