Flying over a 27 million year old volcanic core

Flying over a volcanic core!!!

Can you imagine yourself flying over to 27 million years volcanic formation? Well, Tucker Gott flew his paramotor around the majestic Shiprock and today we want to share with you his experience. Don’t miss this ...

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Paramotor Emergency Landing In A Corn Field

Paramotor Emergency Landing!!!

The adventure began with a bit of Indoor Skydiving, in the facilities of a prestigious company in Westchester, followed by another little Paramotor flight with his fellows, to clarify the thoughts and comment about the ...

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2009 04 23 apr PPG Von river with Barry

Von river

In 2009 Barry and I drove into the Von for a flight, after getting set up I took off and while scouting around the terraces on the left scared out a couple of dear from ...

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PPG up Harts Hill with Barry 2009

Harts Hill

Stop motion video – late one day with a flight up Harts Hill (Te Anau, New Zealand) with my PPG buddy Barry. One of my favourite spot in the late afternoon with good views of ...

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