GoPro Awards: Singing Wingsuit “Universe”

Singer-songwriter Pablo Solana takes the leap in his unique music video for his song “Universe”.

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Comment below on your favorite part!

Pablo Solana “Universe”

184 thoughts on “GoPro Awards: Singing Wingsuit “Universe”
  1. Woow súper like ☺️?????

  2. Increíble

  3. Awesome!!!! I have to watch this video over and over again. It makes me smile in this grey and rainy november mood here. I love the song and the smile while singing this nice song. This Video is real Art.

  4. fazer a coisa que mais gosta e ainda cantar…. estado de espirito no ápice!

  5. Amazing! <3

  6. easily the coolest thing i’ve ever seen

  7. Hello, Radiohead?

  8. how do you get such a flying in Israel? Or only abroad?? ?
    Hey. Why did not you answer my question ??

  9. walenstadt lake ! AMAZING 🙂

  10. Question: Did you photoshop your head back on to yourself? because I notice there is no wind pull on your lips and cheeks like there should be, and that song is longer than a flight so that would mean it is in a slo-mo I presume timed with the song length.

  11. ????

  12. the beast!!!

  13. Unreal !

  14. Oh I wish to be like hem

  15. Mag. Ni. Fi. Cent!? ??

  16. ??

  17. ???

  18. I lowkey looked at his mouth the entire time to make sure he was in sync, but what an amazing music video!! ??

  19. wow

  20. Wow! How the HELL?! Where’s that camera hanging?!

  21. Матвеев М.В


  22. Awesome

  23. J’ai une question le mec a vraiment fait un seul vol qui dure une minute et demi en wingsuit ? c’est possible de faire autant de distance?

  24. Cevero

  25. ???????

  26. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  27. The camera is insta360 one x not gpro

  28. Hey I know this place! These mountains are called the Churfirsten, the lake is called Walensee and this isn’t far from where I live in Switzerland!
    What a creative music video!

  29. crazy

  30. The chill in this video is just mind blowing

  31. Wow

  32. Володимир Ковальчук

    video is great, please tell me what it was taken?

  33. Охеренно!)

  34. Must have been signing this really fast for it to synch in slow mo – nice.

  35. Cool song ???

  36. Gopro forever

  37. Astonish,just astonish

  38. Brilliant

  39. this is so relaxing..the video, the music..damn..i wish i could buy Fusion..

  40. AWESOME!

  41. The song is damn horrible… Amazing talent, but the song…please….

  42. Yyyeeeeaaahhhh!!! We are the Champions… ladies and Gentlemans THE TAXI TALK !!! Thanks so much to all the people!!! Here the original vídeo…

  43. What kind of method is used here to crop out the thingy the gopro is attached to

  44. wow..

  45. He should have singed i belive i can fly

  46. Crazy

  47. Me after studying for 5 mins…..

  48. ))) четко

  49. This “Cracks” me up. Get it… cracks.. ?

  50. Incredible! Nice tune too!

  51. ?

  52. possumhead carpentry

    Thats going to be hard to beat

  53. estudando com Luiz Fernando egea

    Eu tenho Gopro

  54. I can’t afford ..plz help me????

  55. G

  56. Perfect

  57. “Yee-hoo!”

  58. What a legend!!! ???

  59. 1:10 вот это было близко!!!

  60. That was awesome.

  61. siiicckk

  62. ❶Pɪɴᴋ•Sᴋᴜʟʟ❶

    XD yeahhh!!!

  63. oh a pharachutte! to land wondering how you would do that

  64. I want to know how he did this. Video looks like it’s in slow motion. So was he listening to a sped up version of the song to lip sync to?

  65. ??

  66. wow. great idea to perform.

  67. What a shit song tho

  68. ? New best video on YouTube.

    Until LOFT: The Jetman Story comes out! 🙂

  69. when wingsuiting gets boring…


  71. Ростис Ворон


  72. Best music video ever! ?

  73. that’s some intense multitasking

  74. awesome

  75. I was about to really trip !
    There for a second it looked like he was a double amputee when he was about to land !…curious of how the camera was out in front of him like that and Soo stable!!!!….to be able to do something like that is SOO MANY people’s dream….!
    I’m glad someone’s getting to artistically create like this…awesome,!!!

  76. Muito show os seus vídeos

  77. This is art

  78. And the GoPrammy goes to….

  79. That…was so cool and awesome!!!

  80. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    Absolutely AWESOME!

  81. WOW! Awesome! SWIFT! FLIPPING Cool! #BBQqqqqqqqq ;~>#???

  82. I could watch this 100 times ?
    Any chance we’ll get to see the 360 version?

  83. When will he release the album, i wanna see i mean hear more

  84. Is this fake? real?

  85. Ay no manches estas cosas me marean

  86. Give this guy the $1,000,000.

  87. How tf is the camera in front of him just floating there perfect

  88. If there is a female version..I would love to see video on ‘I wish I could fly by Roxette’

  89. That was insane.

  90. fake lol

  91. awesome!!!!!!!

  92. Hoa watching filifinos like


  94. Awesome

  95. CannaBear dgc.og.soldier

    Best music video ever. What a ride.

  96. Best music video ever

  97. G’dang nice.

  98. Amazing!!!!!!!

  99. Super galing naman nito!

  100. Amazing work breth taking view and great flying by you

  101. Coolest video I have ever seen.❤️?

  102. God, that’s some awful music.

  103. *¡ aLso wan† ² :Dü †his…!!*

  104. Hey y’all, I just uploaded a fortnite sniping montage, I’d appreciate your guys opinion, thank you so much!

  105. that’s not flying that’s just falling with style – Woody

  106. Is that Jeb Corliss’ “Crack”-Line?

  107. Where the camera was kept ?

  108. And nobody se the pig at 2:05

  109. if уоu first –

  110. Look my GoPro Hero 7 Black footage in my channel and subscribe please

  111. totally love it, great inspiration

  112. Perfeito

  113. Quiero volar puta madre!

  114. Awesome m/

  115. Top-Notch Photography


  116. Top-Notch Photography

    Great video quality

  117. فنان

  118. 존나재밌겠다

  119. Как снимают такие видео? Что держит камеру?

  120. Nice!

  121. NICE SHIT!!!!!!!!

  122. Nelson Vasquez Ochaeta

    Very good music video

  123. awesome, woooow, fabulous, ***** five stars

  124. Super cool

  125. This angle is so amazing!?

  126. Till now this is the best gopro video I have seen.. Love it.. And thanks for the video

  127. That Moment when you realize that you live there.

  128. Wow wow wow ❤️

  129. ???????

  130. Next level Fan Art!

  131. Luiz Fellipe Artes !

    Ooooowwww kkkk ♡♡♡

  132. Luiz Fellipe Artes !

    Very cool ♡

  133. Locks like the chur Fürsten in Switzerland, has to be a beautiful spot to fly a wingsuit

  134. Luis Alberto Pérez Nájera

    The first seconds were so cringy.

  135. I can understand the voice and movement of the mouth, but how did all the instruments fly close enough to be recorded, too?

  136. Must be a pretty good pilot to be able to fly that and sing a song a 2x speed for the video!

  137. Sarpadooooooooo …
    Muy bueno…un re like?

  138. I’ll assume he was singing a much faster version of the song when filming this.

  139. wow so sick

  140. Супер Пупер


  141. How tf did the GoPro get that shot

  142. I love your trust!

  143. Haha that’s awesome

  144. O. O. O. Amazing I have no words

  145. Like a boss,the landing.

  146. Absolutely STUNNING

  147. This video is as stupid as the dipshit who made these shit ass cameras

  148. Ok this was seriously awesome!!!!!!!

  149. Unbelievably inspirational!

  150. Abbiamo raggiunto il livello successivo con questo video spettacolare.
    Davvero complimenti!

  151. What if ancient people seen a flying man like him?

  152. Mark - thecrazytravellerwithcamera

    Fusion camera do really cool job! Looks very nice!???

  153. I think this is the coolest video I have seen in my entire life….

  154. I don’t know why u I felt satisfied after seeing this video ! Btw great job

  155. ahahah wonderful!

  156. Fantástico! parabéns…

  157. Awesome!!!

  158. Красиво…

  159. Я ? раз так делал.

  160. Danny German Flores Lloja

    The best

  161. Сергей K-----------------------------------------------------------в

    Охренеть !!!

  162. Like of vídeo brother!
    Im from Brazil!

  163. Тимофей Марков

    Класс!!! Хорошая идея!

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