RAW Wingsuit Flight: Norway ridge surfing

This was a special flight for me in a breathtaking location.

This flight was from the Summer of 2018. I was testing out the glide performance of a new wingsuit and finished this flight with just over a 5km horizontal glide. From exit to landing was about 1775 metres of elevation.

For this flight I was flying a Phoenix Fly Sukhoi T Prototype Wingsuit. My parachute is an Atair 255 Vision WS in an Adrenalin BASE ultralight LD4 container.

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18 thoughts on “RAW Wingsuit Flight: Norway ridge surfing
  1. Stunning , just stunning! Liked and subscribed – appreciate your thoughts on our channel! .. keep up the good work!

    • Cheers! Yeah Norway is beautiful. Your videos are cool! Amazing zooming capability. It would be interesting to see you film a wingsuit flight from the ground.

  2. What a flight maaaan..!!! WoW..!!

  3. Boring

  4. Wow!! Beautiful!

  5. how fast do you go with a wingsuit?

  6. Awesome stuff as always. I fly hang gliders, and would love to fly in a place like that. Keep living the dream!

  7. Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah

    Stunning, mate! Breathtaking, incredible, awesome!!

  8. This is what some people are doing to clear their sinuses… lol. ? Beautiful flight, beautiful scenery!

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  11. Amazing. Thanks for posting these

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