Screenshotter CamelExpressSkydivingTeam 0’34”

Camel Express Skydiving Team

Camel Express, shared a video filmed in Thailand with 200 of the best skydivers in the world. Even though the formation was altered to show their logo, the images of these skydivers flying – almost ...

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First Time Solo Skydiving

Every Skydiver has a goal: To achieve their dream of human flight. The easy answer: Flight. However, there’s more to it than that. If your goal is to learn to skydive, you can enroll in ...

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Paragliding flims 2019 swissleague cup

Swiss Paragliding League Cup

The Swiss Paragliding League Cup took place in Flims, and you can not miss this summary, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that it offers. After a very, very long study of Previtemps and other thermal ...

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Screenshotter AtrveteaUnaNuevaAventura 1’37”

My friend New Adventure

My dear friend Alizar, recently celebrated her birthday. She is an enthusiastic girl with a huge love for life, challenges and adventure, thus, accompanied by her brother and sister in law, she decided to celebrate ...

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Flying over a 27 million year old volcanic core

Flying over a volcanic core!!!

Can you imagine yourself flying over to 27 million years volcanic formation? Well, Tucker Gott flew his paramotor around the majestic Shiprock and today we want to share with you his experience. Don’t miss this ...

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