Awesome Balloon Jump for a good cause

Life is all about connections and finding our common ground, reach out to others…let them know they matter, they are worthy and that their story need to continue!

This guy was super lucky to be asked to go out to Smoketown Pennsylvania to film this amazing Balloon Jump for a good cause a Charity Event put together by TEAM EVIL. The event was for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The event was sponsored by “SLAY” energy drink company.

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The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is a voluntary health organization established in 1987. It funds research, runs educational programs, advocates for public policies in mental health and suicide prevention, and supports survivors of suicide loss. It is headquartered in New York, with an office in Washington, D.C.

As well, many personalities are supporting the cause, like Carrie Genzel an actress/writer/producer, most recognized for her work as “Skye Chandler” on ALL MY CHILDREN, as well as two memorable SUPERNATURAL episodes “Bugs” and “Just My Imagination. Aside from acting Carrie writes a blog STATE OF SLAY, which documents her journey with mental illness that she uses to empower and inspire others on their path. As someone who has lost numerous people to suicide, and has attempted it herself in the past, AIR is an important part of her message of hope and recovery.

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Suicide is a public health issue that does not discriminate against age or ethnicity and can impact anyone regardless of their social or economic status. In Florida, it is believed that one person dies by suicide every three hours. Unfortunately, that number is rising.

While there is no single cause of suicide, it most often occurs when stress and other health issues combine, leaving an individual with feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and despair. Research suggests that undiagnosed mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and addiction increase one’s risk for suicide.

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A suicide can be the most private of acts. An individual, alone in extreme mental anguish, makes the ultimate decision to sever their bond with this world permanently. No one else may ever know the truth about their silent torment. Even with a suicide note or a message to a loved one, their death is muted and hidden.

When someone dies by jumping it is usually from a residential building. Most suicides that occur from more public areas such as bridges or cliffs tend to be done by younger males, and choose to jump from their residences because of easy accessibility and proximity. It is by its nature a public action. Their secret is out, and the image of the tragedy is an open blemish for all to see.

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Undoubtedly, this initiative seeks to share the joy and excitement of living, and there is no better way to do it than from above. I hope that soon, more Skydivers will join this cause.

Awesome Balloon Jump for a good cause
Awesome Balloon Jump for a good cause

This guy was super lucky to be asked to go out to Smoketown Pennsylvania to film this amazing Balloon Jump for a good cause a Charity Event put together by TEAM EVIL. The event was for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The event was sponsored by "SLAY" energy drink company.

Meisabel Laversa
Meisabel Laversa is a full-time writer for Sky Xtreme TV
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  3. Always a treat to watch top filming top tune top sky dive as always can’t wait for next video

  4. Balloon jumps are my dream!

  5. Each individual’s circumstances should be considered and if
    there is nothing that can be done to help the person and the person is
    determined to die then they should be able to access the means to die a quick,
    painless and dignified death regardless of whether they are terminally ill or
    not. I can NOT stand these Anti- Suicide campaigns as they do not care at all
    about how the person came to be suicidal, all they care about is stopping the
    person from killing themselves, their motto is that you should continue to
    exist NO MATTER WHAT, quality of life being irrelevant. We live in a society and
    system that is fixated with quantity of life and not quality of life. Quality
    of life is much more important than quantity of life, given the choice, if I
    was given the option of choosing between 5 more years of life but great 5 years
    of life and given 40 more years of life but miserable ones then I would take
    the great 5 years of life anytime. Quality of life over quantity of life just
    for the sake of quantity of life. Unfortunately we live in a society and system
    obsessed only with Quantity of Life and NOT Quality of Life as, after all, the
    longer one exists the longer one continues to be a consumer for and the more
    money is made out of the individual hence ” let’s keep everyone existing
    for as long as possible no matter their quality of life or lack of
    it.” I was abandoned and abused as a child to then be adopted by 2
    abusers at age of 5 and who because of that tried taking my own life within a
    month of turning 16 and then moved to a country at 19 where making friends has
    been impossible for me and there therefore have now lived my entire adult life
    all on my own and NO I don’t have Asperger’s or some personality disorder nor
    am I Bipolar. When I lived in country of birth I had a few friends and never
    felt completely disconnected and like an outcast and when I did a Working
    Holiday in Canada I made friends there. I literally am all ALONE in the world.
    I have not found my place in the world. Life is NOT for everyone even if they
    are born into this world it does NOT automatically mean that the person born
    will want to be here. Life is NOT for me. Not everything in Life can be changed
    or fixed. I have tried Suicide a further couple of times because of my
    circumstances. When I have had to fill in paper work that require a contact of
    next of kin and leave it blank they won’t let me leave it blank and as I have
    nobody I just have to make one up. I would NEVER talk to a
    “professional” if feeling Suicidal because I know they do not care
    for the individual they just care about their agenda. Out of the frying pan and
    into the fire – “We won’t help your marriage, finances, bills, illness,
    loss, or anything that is piling up day after day as a cause – But we will
    punish you for trying to escape AND make you feel WORSE during the process.
    We’ll tell you ‘there’s so much to live for’, “everything can get
    better”, & other things, all while explaining you have a disorder or
    brain issue & need help.” HELP people. No EMPTY promises that magically
    things will get better if they wait. HELP. I think it would be rather cruel to
    insist that I should keep Existing as I have been till I die of cancer or some
    other terrifying disease. There are so many HORRIBLE, progressive,
    degenerative, quality of life robbing diseases and even though there is a drug
    that could end these people’s torment and pain so many are refused that and
    have to linger in agony until eventually they die sometimes slowly and horribly
    too… Some of these people spend their last remaining time left on this earth
    fighting to change the laws and/or to have access to such drug. Humans in
    general are VERY IRRATIONAL and VERY CRUEL Suffer and Suffer and Suffer. But
    Suicide is “Forbidden” “Anything but Suicide” is the motto.

    Most people see Death as the Harm when in fact DEATH IS

    Why do we need to fill our lives with stuff, entertainment, find a reason to

    live, find meaning in life etc? If Life truly was such a wonderful thing then
    Breathing only should be enough, being Conscious only should be enough and yet
    it isn’t because Life in itself and just by itself is pointless and
    meaningless. It is up to each individual to find a meaning to it and give it a
    meaning and purpose and that varies from person to person. Some of us see that
    even if we fill it with temporary pleasures like stuff, tv, music, books etc
    that at the end of it all it is all still very pointless, it is just
    distracting us from the fact that there is nothing meaningful in simply just
    existing. I hate quotes like “Life is a Gift, that is why Today is called
    the Present” Life is imposed and unlike a Gift it is not so easy to just
    give it away or get rid of it… How many of us if we could pick if to be born
    at all or not, having lived what we already have would choose to simply never
    be born? I am one of them. We are born into this Cult called Life of which we
    had no choice and if we ever announce that we prefer Death and want to die they
    lock us up for our own good so they say, to “save” us from ourselves,
    like cult members forcibly try to stop people from leaving their cult once they
    joined or are born into it.. There are many different reasons why people feel
    suicidal, it is case by case. For some things NEVER improve and will NEVER
    improve. I am one of those people for who this is true. Killing yourself is
    okay, it is like abortion, your body and your choice same with suicide. If my
    body and my life are not mine, then whose are they? Who does my Life and Body
    belong to? To the Government? To Society? I am fed up with all these Anti
    Suicide Campaigns and these Anti Suicide Marches. All is futile of course.
    Nobody is protesting in marches against Murder, many would see the absurdity of
    it, how are you going to stop murder from happening ever in the first place?
    Same with Suicide, Suicide IS Self- Murder. It all comes down to something
    called FREE WILL.

    I have Suffered so MUCH in Life and have been through most of it all ALONE and
    I think I am generally a good person so I feel a painless exit is warranted. I
    keep finding myself having to deal with something unpleasant, rarely anytime in
    my life where I was not dealing with something bad and only for a short period
    when I have some rare relief. Was abused all through my childhood before and
    after being adopted, my entire adult life I have been either totally on my own
    or in bad relationships, no meaningful connections whatsoever and have also had
    to deal with things such as sexual harassment, being stalked, bullied, have had
    to deal with harassment at work ongoing for almost 2 years where I finally
    called the Union. Just some of the “wonderful” things life has
    offered me. I have no stability or security in my life, no stable employment,
    no stable place to live and yet I am “wrong” for time and time and
    time again wanting out of this life of mine. I am supposed to have the mindset
    of “I love Life. I love suffering. Yes, I want to continue existing as I
    can’t get enough of suffering. So I will just continue to suffer until I get my
    Grand Finale, until I die of Cancer or Alzheimer’s or suffer through some other
    debilitating, ongoing, quality of life robbing disease.

    I feel like a hamster just going around and around in circles in a hamster
    wheel. Going Nowhere. No future for me, not a good one
    anyway. Just more Misery.

    We’re all just government property. We can only leave this stupid planet when
    they say we can. Slavery still exists, it’s just been re-branded and made more
    palatable. The truth is that the world couldn’t survive without miserable
    losers like me to do the shit jobs. When I leave this world it’ll be with a
    cheeky grin on my face, because I’ll have stuck it to the control system. If
    they want utility out of me, they’ll have to take it from my corpse. After I’m
    gone, they can keep it.

    The mental healthcare system is part of the greater agenda of those in power,
    i.e the government and corporate cronies. Suicide is and always has been an
    enemy of the proponents of wage slavery and unnecessary servitude. The world
    needs janitors, for example, so some people will have no choice but to be a
    janitor or get another low skill, low wage job. Rather than accept their
    “failure” in the capitalist system many would rather end their lives.

    Simple economics proves that if you have an abundance of low skill
    workers in the market, you don’t have to pay them nearly as much or give them
    benefits. When you’ve made suicide taboo and irrational, as we have through the
    invention of an elaborate catalogue of mental disorders, suddenly you can force
    people to stay alive so they have to work by means of state intervention. We
    live in a sort of dystopian society where it is possible to commit someone for
    expressing legitimate grievances. They can simultaneously lock you up without
    putting you on trial for something that isn’t even a crime and then milk
    whatever cash they can out of you.

    “Oh, you don’t like working a shit job? Too bad, take your pills and
    shut up. You’re just lazy/ depressed. Better work harder or your life is only
    gonna get worse. By the way, here’s your medical bill, sucker.”

    I hate the greedy control freaks responsible for manufacturing the
    general public’s outlook on suicide. They’ve brainwashed people into thinking
    that the only guaranteed method of escape from an apathetic world is a bad
    thing and needs to be stopped under the guise of benevolence. They tell us that
    Suicide is the greatest piece of Cowardice… That Suicide is wrong; when it is
    quite obvious that there is nothing in this world to which every man has a more
    unassailable title than to his own life and person.

    Suicide is a state crime because the state loses control of the

  6. Awesome Vid dude! What are you using for editing?

  7. Ralphy, you didn’t even call me up while in PA! Nice jump as always.

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