Vuelo de fuegos artificiales con Gene Soucy

Pilot Gene Soucy lights up the sky with his nighttime performance at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI.

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84 pensamientos sobre "Vuelo de fuegos artificiales con Gene Soucy
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    first coment xD

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    Schön für dich

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    75th view!

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    How it looks from land?

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    That’s beautiful

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    Impressive imagine how it looks from the land

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    Человек Обыкновенный

    Он просто в War Thunder графику на кино поставил.

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    Chemtrails … jajaja

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    One could say, it was reallysaucy.

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    it looked cool, but I imagine the view from the ground was more impressive. Presumably no one had go pro footage from the ground

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    That’s cool!!!

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    I’m not getting these kind of results with my GoPro Hero 3

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      Cooooongratulations for buying a mid-range, mid-price, entry-level, self adjusting, self-explanatory, punani close-up zooming plastic hunk of easy-gear and expecting video quality from a full on marketing videoedited by professionals. With computers worth more than the engine of your car or your car altogetheror your dog. With skills better than you burning your morning pancakes on your KMart griddle.

      You just popped your gopro cherry.

      Ahora, go buy a GoBOXX and some good software. Then read some manuals as you sit on your eco toilet.

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      +GoPro Can you guys check out my most recent upload??? I’d be so stoked and Its soooo sick!!!

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      +John Zachos Check out our tutorials channel.

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      también , this is a hero 4 i think.

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      +GoPro Thank you for the answer! In the future can you please provide editing methods and shooting settings when releasing video? Gracias!

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    Hey gopro, would the scene be better if it was filmed by gopro 4. If the answer is yes, pleas send me on so i can check it s true.

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    Looks like Nvidia’s PhysXTurbulance 😀

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    Je l’ai acheté elle est trop bien

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    no one bothered to film at least 1 second of footage of the plane from the ground ?

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    Gene took the last few hundred bucks out of the ATM in front of me at the Reno Air Races a few years back! Ended my chance of getting to take a couple laps around the pylons in a Mustang. :'( It was awesome to meet him though!

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    ОГОНЬ ! Все ко мне на распаковку друзья !!! Добро Добро Добро !

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    It’s all good but how does it look from the ground below?

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    Алексей Тихонов

    это песня если ее найти она со словами, кто знает без слов, скиньте:) плз

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    If you want to see it from the ground, just searchgene soucy fireworksyou lazy fucks. Ja ja

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    Kristoff Krane

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    ROTURA. Eyedea

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    I would’ve rather seen this from the ground

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    drap película presente

    Nice =)

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    Flying a plane must feel so good

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    Hope I dont sound stupid for asking this, but how are those fireworks created coming out from the back of the plane like that????

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      +STAG162 Actually I think sparkly flammables might be the scientific term….jaja

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      Bien, try lighting up a sparkler, which is just powdered magnesium on a wire stick. Now use that (and some other sparkly flammables which I can’t think of the names of right now, maybe someone could drop in a hint) and you basically have a fireworks show.

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    HDTV de Rodrigo [GoPro y viajes]

    Fly with the stars

    Check out my GoPro channel 😉

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    that was kind of an anticlimax …..i thought itd be better than that

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    Over here at MCAS Miramar we had 2 of those on Saturday, AND the Blue Angels 😀

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    Amazing video though better from ground

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    check out my gopro mx edit of my friend its so fresh!

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    Awesome as usual!

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    I have video from the ground filming this :). check it out on my channel!

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    I was there

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    Gene Saucy

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    Awesome flight with peaceful fireworks!

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    I don’t get it! Why putting a Gopro 4 in the video introduction and finally filling the video description with video was recorded by a Gopro 3+ …

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    Anyone else notice the GoPro logo is really sketchy at 1:09 ? or is it just me?

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    i live close to the EAA

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    Por favor,subscribe at Theo rousset

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    ooohh that’s sweet!

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    For once I was wishing for a different view instead of the POV one.

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    put those GoPros on Swip Team’s planes. and just watch what you record 😀

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    Soucy is such an awesome last name…..

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    no where near Miramar

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    Lol gopro hero 4 intro and in the descriptionshot 100% with the hero3+

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    That’s is a gopro hero 4 bucket heads

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    Товарищи из Гоупро, подарите мне камеру гоу про, я буду вам видео присылать! У самого у меня нет денег 🙁

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    lol i bet people on the ground thought the plane was crashing

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    I watched a video similar to this a couple weeks ago but the guy was in a glider

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    Sony is better

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    How did +GoPro extract the audio from this song?!

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