Wingsuit flight 360: Feel the skydive thrill with Russian ‘birdmen’ setting national record

Russian jumpers set 3 national records while testing their skydiving skills in wingsuit formation.


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87 thoughts on “Wingsuit flight 360: Feel the skydive thrill with Russian ‘birdmen’ setting national record
  1. 1st

  2. This is beautiful.

  3. So beautiful

  4. Incoming flathearthers…

  5. RT disabled comments for the pope visit to Auschwitz lol
    Remember the 6 quintillion goys.

    • +Jason Andres I don’t get it

    • +Jason Andres Well, that’s just your opinion of Hitler and many other people would have something else to say about him.

      I’m just stating that Hitler is responsible for more dead Russians than any Jews that died during WW2. Fact!

      Stalin and Lenin were part of the Bolsheviks communist revolution which got it’s ideals from marxism. A cancer of the 20th century no doubt….

    • RT was afraid that our comments might offend their Jewish masters.

    • +VirtualGuerilla89 Hitler did nothing wrong. The holocaust is a lie. communism is jewish. stalin and lenin were jewish.

    • Hitler, Stalin and Lenin were responsible for more dead Russians than all the Jews that died from the holocaust, but now I’m anti semitic for saying that.

  6. Just another Atheist

    This Happy Music.. T_T

  7. So geil 🖒🖒🖒

  8. really glad to see RT finally using their spy cameras for some really amazing content

  9. Царь бббомба

    Oops Earth looks flat up there. Goyim forgot to use the fish eye!!!


  11. awesome

  12. Oh wow, another Russian does something novel. The only kind of Russian news RT knows.

  13. Mother Earth – Russia Great!!!!

  14. Alexandre Holsback

    very nice!!!

  15. Jennifer Bestemianova

    Amazing 🙂

  16. Jesus good job this isnt smellavision, i’d empty my colon long before jumping out of that thing…do those suits come with absorbant padding :))

  17. TheRandomGamerDude

    Russian’s setting another pointless record while the USA has plans to go to Mars.

    • +TheRandomGamerDude
      yea right ? we ALL have access to all the space walks/stations and shares of all the money the make out of all of us with taxes

    • TheRandomGamerDude

      +Phil Dorro that’s a bad example

    • TheRandomGamerDude

      +You Suck there’s no more time to have fun.

    • 🙂 Men are from Mars… Like going Home, then. But nah thanks, seems rather inhospitable. Thinking of Arnie in Total Recall.

    • Андрей Матвеев

      And how – “Federation”? It Is intended for delivery of people and freights to the space stations which are on Earth orbit and to the Moon. Its start is planned in 2019.

  18. These 360 uploads are pretty cool.

  19. This is what I’ve been talking about with RT, well over the last 100 videos we have seen inside Russia 3-4 times. All trivial. Skydive, Olympic tears and the welcome China with bread video.
    And a couple of world record videos. All-too-obvious.

  20. Freakin AWESOME!

  21. the landing is the best part

  22. Watch the sun at 1:11 ……nibiru….

  23. Am I missing something? I just don’t get the 360 view……It’s not clear…and hard to see.

    • On right-bottom corner there are “settings” for video quality…This video’s max is 2160p. Even at 1080p it’s really nice picture. And don’t forget to use WSAD keys to turn the camera view, it’s easier than with the mouse.

    • +lowe booty That must be the case….all 360 views are fuzzy. The 360 mechanism works just fine..but the picture is cloudy.

    • Click on the screen ,and rotate using mouse or key board?

    • your sistem is outdated or baad internet or to old PC
      for me is cleair as Sunhine

  24. Young Zanny got barz for sale 15 a pop hoe hmu

    All I can think of is Dragonball Z at 1:40 lol

  25. that was totally awesome !! Thanks for the ride.

  26. That was SWEET! ….and a perfect landing!

  27. Wondeful! Thank you!

  28. Nicely done. Thnx for sharing

  29. You know what I’d like to see? Drop them all into a jet stream and see who can fly the farthest. That would be cool.

  30. LOt of fresh air up there!

  31. Wow. Beautiful. 🙂

  32. Just Awesome!

  33. I understand 360 view camera, but I do not see how it catches a full view of his body. I see the camera attached to his helmet. Is there an expert familiar that could explain it please?

  34. Very nice.

  35. How cool is that ….

  36. Real eyes realise NASA lies

    the earth is flat and the sun is near

  37. videos like this is total crap ,what is it ?

  38. this looks like thick glasses view

  39. Damn these 360 Cams just spent 4 minutes looking at the sun…..

  40. That was fantastic…

  41. Cancerous, generic sounding music. Honestly sounds like something you’d hear in one of those cringy “inspirational” social experiment videos.

  42. Beautiful! Relaxing video.

  43. Ha, great video and music!

  44. Anusorn PhotoLover

    very good idea very good job

  45. Wow! Such a blissful feeling! Thanks RT 🙂

  46. Jihad Countermeasures

    Why use the nationalist term “Russian” and spoil the flight?

  47. Looks like earth is flat, where is the round shape? 🙂

  48. Wow, the earth is flat!

  49. awesome 🙂

  50. yep earth look flat to me

  51. ‘birdmen’ have boobs

  52. What a pro!

  53. This is beyond amazing! : ) I never wanted to sky dive. But with a wing suit i would. I’d rather fly than just fall like a rock.

  54. Music?

  55. AWESOME!!!!

  56. Wow, epic footage. Does anyone know high they jumped from ?, that was a hell of a long time falling

  57. Yeah fools. Not make any sense to post this on your channel unless used for (another globe propaganda) or other way to confused people or to make flat earth seems stupid.

  58. that was the coolest thing I have ever seen

  59. سبحان الله 💙

  60. nice…

  61. Please add the wind Sound to video

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