Wingsuit 360 degree video over Dubai

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Organised in collaboration with XDubai and Skydive Dubai , this thrilling wingsuit flight over the coastline of Dubai gives you an aerial view of the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina. As the skydiver soars through the air, enjoy a breathtakingly different perspective of the city’s skyscrapers and waterfront before soaring past the Princess Tower to land in front of La Meriden Mena Seyahi.

36 thoughts on “Wingsuit 360 degree video over Dubai
  1. Beautiful. I shoot 360 with OMNI, I can say this is one of the most awesome 360 videos EVER! If you ever need any editing help I would love to work on such a project….

  2. beautiful

  3. i,m from dubi

  4. Awesome….

  5. 0:53 was scary!!!

  6. Good

  7. great thrilling Experience 👍


  9. Awesome

  10. Not as good as i expected

  11. Great

  12. No matter how or what you say, the Earth remains Flat as a pan Cake ! YOU HAVE JUST PROVEN IT AGAIN AND AGAIN !

  13. Yay

  14. NICE… In the meantime, my new video is stuck at 100 🙁 I’d appreciate a little boost, and some feedbacks! )

  15. My screen stayed black the whole time, what’s wrong?

    • Rose Of Party Oh, that happened to me too. See, I pressed the power button, and everything went dark. What’s even up with that?

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  18. Wow this is amazing, keep up the great work guys.

  19. wont sync with rotation of my device

  20. That is epic in VR. I love that.

  21. dechamma aramanamada

    Why is it blur

  22. It's a squishy life Forever


  23. where the courbature of planet ?

  24. plane et . the erth is flat

  25. earth is so flat

  26. The city looks dead. I can’t see any people

  27. SO COOL

  28. cool… one of the best 360 videos ever made… 👌👍👏💗

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