Waltz On The Walls Of City Hall

Bandaloop dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber take vertical choreography to new heights on Oakland’s City Hall during the Art + Soul Festival.

For more visit:

Instagram: @bandalooping

Special thanks to Thomas Cavanagh.

William Ryan Fritch “Hopeless Romantic”
Link to buy: http://www.williamryanfritch.com/

475 thoughts on “Waltz On The Walls Of City Hall
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  2. Nice video (y) 🙂 anche se non l’abbiamo ancora visto

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  15. That’s what art should be.

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  18. i can’t help but think what if the ropes break

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  20. So why did she ask that stupid question in the begining

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  27. Like walking on the moon 🙂

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  44. Very cool concept

  45. They really need a backup knot after the gri-gri. Super dangerous if they don’t.

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  47. Amazing! 

  48. I constantly felt a chill while watching this. Inspiring, truly amazing, relaxing. Definitely one of the top videos that can enter my favorite list, only the really good ones make it into my playlist.

  49. By far, my favorite

  50. nice >:D … but i would’ve made a knot at the slack end of the rope… 

  51. oh man so cool! I love the flipping part!!


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  54. One of the best of Gopro amazing wooow

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  56. 1:10 they look like peter pan

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  58. Best Gopro vid I’ve seen for a while, beautiful, elegant and unique. Great work.

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  66. Imagine if someone…cut the rope…..ha..haa….MUAHAHAHAHAHA 
    JKJK very nice guys, 10/10. Must have been difficult. 

  67. Игорь Алексеев

    Очень интересное видео. Первый раз такое вижу.

  68. Thanks for posting this +BANDALOOP action on Oakland City Hall. We performed here for epic and amazing festival @oakartandsoul. We perform all the time in Oakland and internationally so follow us if you want to see more! bandaloop.org

  69. It’s all good until the rope snaps.

  70. i was just waiting for someone to pop their head out the window and just be like “getting real tired of yo shit” and just cut the rope. just sayiiiiiinnnn

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  74. soooo….this is how they made gravity movie huh

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  80. Show!!! Os movimentos amplos com a imagem feita por baixo, parecem fugir do efeito da gravidade.

  81. Wow, Coolest thing i seen in a while.

  82. Really beautiful

  83. This has to be one of the best GoPro moments ever captured!

  84. If I looked out of that window I’d shit myself

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  86. mUSIC?????

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  89. slow mo backflip was so cool hahaahahahha

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  91. this blew my mind!

  92. Awesome! Nice to see it from the dancers perspective. Roel Seeber is also in this aerial film with some of the other dancers that dance with bandaloop. https://vimeo.com/22589076. San Francisco Dance Film Festival featured it last year. The festival features all kinds of great dance films and is coming up again on November 6-9 if you are in SF and can check it out!

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  95. insane do it in MTL

  96. How could you down-voted this. This video is amazing.

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  98. My stomach went crazy watching this video!!! Very talented!!

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  104. Well, I must say I enjoyed that

  105. Fake! They’re using a rope!!

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  110. That was absolutely incredible

  111. It looks like there is very little gravity! So cool!

  112. That’s a lot of trust in a cable. Nice!

  113. Holy swear the backflip was asome

  114. I have no balls to do this.

  115. WOW!! This is incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it 

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  117. Who the hell would dislike this and why? 😮

  118. talk about vertigo… It was still amazing though 🙂

  119. The thumbnail looks like an old fighting game lol 

  120. That was lovely … 

  121. thats a great video..thx 🙂

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  125. Epic!  Love the angle they chose.  It tricks your eye so well into thinking they are not hanging from a building but floating in mid air!

  126. It’s Magic! *-*

  127. super unique!

  128. like i would pay to see this live

  129. Thats the sickest thing I’ve seen in my life

  130. Woooooow… now I want to try that!

  131. It’s realy nice to see that there are companies that still care about quality advertising


  133. Screw…Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, this is way better!

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    very beautiful congratulations….

  136. I would probably crap my pants

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  138. audacious.

  139. Absolutely love this kind of music. What genre is this? Classical? And can somebody PLEASE name a few artists like this?

  140. This video made me really happy, thank you 🙂 

  141. GoPro videos are magical

  142. Im not saying this song is bad but I think this video deserves something better.

    Search: Dawn Golden – Discoloration (Feral Remix) 

    When the song gets to exactly 0:05 seconds press play on Gopro! 😀

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  147. 50 thousand views? there is only 7 thousand people on the earth! Fake accounts? Hacking?

  148. Super it was. i loved the entire idea of vertical dancing 🙂

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  158. Are there slow mos? It’s to perfect in switching from fast to slow paced

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  168. 01:30 she breaks Window

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  173. This video just made my day. It is so incredible, I loved every second of it.

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  189. Such amazing and breathtaking artistry!
    Right on to Oakland, CA

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  191. This is how a dancer feels. So lite, so free.

  192. what a great idea and awesome video!

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  203. Could You tell me, which settings of GPH3+BE have You used to record this? BTW shots are awesome!

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  208. why always the songs from the go pro videos are so hard to find

  209. This is dangerous. twisting the ropes like that. 

  210. this video is green screen photoshopped 

  211. WOW, that was awesome. Almost looked like it was CGIed

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  219. All i kept thinking the entire video was that one of the ropes would snap.

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  222. I was just waiting for the Titans to show up.

  223. wonder what this looked like horizontally

  224. This is so nice. <3

  225. amazing…. what kind of harness did you use?

  226. thats epic

  227. А как поставить 100 лайков?

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  229. Literally the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

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  231. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 🙂

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  233. Super cool, but it made me really nervous the whole time I watched it.

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  236. “crouching tiger hidden dragon”

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  248. Wow so cool! i would be scared to death! But great job!

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  250. If spiderman knew ballet…and had a sister…and for some reason filmed himself without his costume on…alright not the best reference but this is sick.

  251. best dancing I’ve ever seen,  insanee

  252. Take a break, step out of the office, do a little dance 🙂 

  253. that’s amazing and fantastic. love it … 🙂

  254. Someone From Somewhere

    Amazing! I would really like to try it with my beer but it afraids of heights =(

  255. ***Opens Window and Cuts the Rope***
    TROLL LEVEL : 1000000000000000000000000

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  257. it’s like waltzing on the moon

  258. I wanna rape that like button !! incredible guys ! chapeau !

  259. fabolous, i’m speechless. great job and stunning art!

  260. la magie existe… la preuve

  261. Hong Kong and Jet Li has been doing it all wrong! Film makers take note!

  262. FAKE, they are not FLYING, IF YOU WATCH CLOSELY there’s a rope HOLDING THEM

  263. Альпинисты – танцоры xD

  264. This is the one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in years!

  265. Waltz on Zero Gravity?  This is vertical choreography resulting in seemingly reduction of gravitational field, much like _Dancing On The Moon_   :D/

  266. DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. Everything is awesome!

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  269. Cool. Now do it without the rope.

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  272. GoPro Is the Future
    GoPro es el Futuro

  273. So fun 🙂 it’s just awesome

  274. That moment when you see a trollface and the rope breaks…

  275. Awesome!

  276. Hey guys is Amanda

  277. Snipp, snipp, snipp.

  278. It would be cool if they wore flowy clothes but it would probably be hard to keep untangled. sweet video 🙂

  279. This is America where possibilities are limitless! 

  280. This is incredible

  281. Unbelievably beautiful and bold…. great Gopro!

  282. savage

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  284. This deserves way more views

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  288. Amazing

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  294. This is so awesome. So untypical of a GoPro video. Love it.

  295.  Go Bandaloop!

  296. Shout out to Peter Mayfield who made it all happen at CityRock in Emeryville back in the day…

  297. Keren pake buanget

  298. Enjoy

  299. it’s real!!!! it’s real!!! here comes the real!!!

  300. Nice …

  301. Nice

  302. Классно. Очень красиво

  303. This is amazing and absolutely beautiful!

    I had chills watching it.

  304. This is so cool! I’d love to try this!

  305. انا ومجنونتى ……………  منتهى   الانطلاق

  306. wish they woul dhave done it with shorter ropes so you couldnt see the ends flopping around

  307. It’s all fun and games until the rope breaks

  308. love it..

  309. OMG this is so awesome!!! How brave of them to do that, wouldn’t even dare to hang there. Nice job people!!

  310. I would, but in my selfish pity, rather seen the image without behind the scenes or explain.


    тупые америкосы

  312. amazing truley amazing

  313. oh boy, if that was my black ass dancing and on the side of a building, the last thing I would’ve seen was an elite delta force sniper take a precision shot to sever the rope i was dangling from

  314. OMG ! Awnsome

  315. Wow !! ?

  316. its so floatyyyy

  317. It’s Peter and Wendy!

  318. hmedo michael jackson


  319. hmedo michael jackson

    🙂 🙂

  320. This makes me cry.

  321. what is the name of this song???
    i really love it 

  322. anyone eles’ butthole pucked from watching this?

  323. un baile sin gravedad.. un espectaculo..

  324. Wow thats…mesmerizing 

  325. amazing

  326. amazing!

  327. يا ولاد اللعيبه 

  328. Woah!

  329. This sh*** is CRAZY! I Love it … 

  330. Great!

  331. Her talk and end of the rope in fornt of camera spoils the vid

  332. WOW . I really like it 

  333. This is how they do slowmotion in Hollywood!

  334. amazing

  335. Tiec wa mag cham ht toc do cao gjo km chan wa

  336. these are the same idiots who’s family try to sue the city after they ha veto scrape these toe off sidewalk

  337. Is a mirrage, the video is edited with slowmotion and this effect looks like more than beatiful that reality.

  338. Игорь Суханов

    Это оч крутая идея!)

  339. Americans -_-

  340. And THAT’s how they faked the Moon walks!

  341. Nice

  342. are y’all on a fireman belay?

  343. sick!

  344. Thorsten Möllmann

    Natürlich ist das beeindruckend!
    Aber andere Kameras waren nicht zu der Zeit zugelassen…

  345. Bravissimi!

  346. Wonderfull!

  347. how awesome! wonderful & amazed 


    Simplemente, un video MAGICO, INOLVIDABLE, 5 estrellas… van por 15 mil, seguro 50 mil pronnnto

  349. Михаил Тарасов

    это потрясающе!

  350. Mesmerizing…

  351. mute and play |>”Freak Me” by Silk. 

  352. Video of the Day!

    Bandaloop dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber take vertical choreography to new heights on the walls of Oakland’s City Hall. 

  353. How can I find my self motivated

  354. Amazing. .

  355. wonderful!

  356. All I could think about during this was the scene in Ghost Protocol – ‘You’re line is not long enough!” “No sh*t!”

  357. Haha! is this so awesome or what!?

  358. Beautiful!!!!

  359. nice view~~~~!!! wow~~~~~ioi

  360. The contrast between the poetry of the static shot looking up and the intensity and immersion of the artist mounted cameras is remarkable.

  361. Beautiful!

  362. increible

  363. Иван Макаров

    Не интересно… А глупо и опасно…
    Сметники…без страховки…

  364. Looks slow motion

  365. I love humans!

  366. Watching this makes my feet ache lol you both have huge balls 🙂

  367. it is just fascinating

  368. amazing

  369. Amazing!!!!

  370. Not to be a kill joy as this is an awesome video… but the auto belay device they are using isn’t backed up and the dead end of the rope isn’t secure.. this could have ended up badly especially with all the acrobatics.. have fun but be safe. 

  371. That’s SO AWSOME but u have to be brave good job ??

  372. CLE Maison d'édition


  373. Davíð Árni Guðmundsson


  374. And it’s not a waltz. A waltz is, by definition, a smooth, progressive ballroom and folk dance, usually in triple, performed in a closed position.

    This is a form of ballet. Something completely different.

  375. i like to think on the negative side…..what if the rope snapped, i dont think this is the best hobby.

  376. Magnifique ……..;)

  377. AMAZING ! 🙂

  378. Incredible!

  379. Que locura ????

  380. .awesome vid…

  381. 100 points for originality

  382. So so so so touched

  383. go pro.. dont have no videos  for black people lol

  384. WOW this is NUTS. this could’ve gone bad real quick!

  385. Badass??

  386. humans !  masala muchas bananas !!!
    absolutely mesmerizing fantastic awesome… bellissimo maravilhoso.

  387. Awesome

  388. Потрясающе!

  389. This was on time for kids!

  390. that looks amazing

  391. Eudes aristophane dédé LIGNON

    I want dance like this 

  392. Somebody out there is living their dreams. This video proves that!

  393. They are stupid.

  394. unreal

  395. moon gravity

  396. beautiful

  397. Did Steve Schneider shiit on the ropes after this “performance”?

  398. Francisco Álvarez Quiñones

    ¡Danzando en el abismo! Podría hacerse hasta en el Everest… De ésto no había en mis tiempos…

  399. Un concept de OUUUF .. 

  400. gracefully entertaining. now give them some brushes and have them wash windows.

    ; )))

  401. question? how do you untangle the ropes at the end of the performance?

  402. That was so epic!!!

  403. wow..that was totally awesome 😀

  404. Илья Цукерберг


  405. wow, amazing!

  406. Aki Henri Petteri Alaraatikka

    Cool. Better without music.

  407. I like the way this video started.
    I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know what it was about. All I heard was:
    “Are we both going out this window?”
    And that got my attention, fast.

  408. fantastic!

  409. this is incredible 

  410. Wow!!! this is utterly rad 🙂 

  411. Just amazing don’t know what to that dance is hard but on a wall so high OMG also that simpatic music thery thery good

  412. *This is not human flight, and I would find it amusing if someone was standing by the window holding a knife threatening to cutt the rope… Lol*

  413. Newest coolest thing ever done period. I wanna try…..

  414. Алтай Игликов

    Обалдеть!!!  Новый вид хореографического искусства?!

  415. #CutTheRope  (Game) xD

  416. This song “Hopeless Romantic” is now available to purchase on William Ryan Fritch’s new album, Music For Film Vol. I: https://williamryanfritch.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-film-vol-i

  417. Bruno Hynek Czasch

    This reminds me of Peter Pan 😀

  418. Nicely done! 🙂

  419. Theatre of Machine

    Просто супер!

  420. Majestic.

  421. beauty and crazy!! love them!!!

  422. ffffff

  423. ddddd

  424. This video is amazing, i love the dance and music, very nice

  425. wonderful

  426. I smiled, not gonna lie

  427. That’s pretty awesome!!

  428. This is so romantic, I just fall in love with this video

  429. Кладомания: Поиск Кладов

    Very Beautiful Video!!!!!

  430. ゆきのひとひら

    大好きな動画で何回も観ています。I love this dance and music, so fantastic and romantic !

  431. WOAH!!!!!! awesome

  432. Ganhou meu lik

  433. Александр Кирдянов

    Очень красивый и позитивный ролик.

  434. Shit, that looks like fun. See you don’t always need to spend a hundred bucks on a ticket to stand in lines all day at amusement parks for roller coasters; just get some climbing equipment and scale a building.Love it.

  435. Laura Elena Hernandez Azuara

    .. mostrar la vida de otra forma … que delicia …

  436. Catherine S. Todd

    Oh, if I were just a few years younger, I’d be right up there with you… and maybe I will be, yet! Thanks for making my day!

  437. That is freaking awesome! 🙂

  438. still one of my favorite videos, I want to do this so much!

  439. maximiliano mejia salgado


  440. It reminds me of dreaming, like you can fly

  441. there was a music video in 2000’s like this… anybody remember ?

  442. awesome

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