Unreal Speedflying in Dreamland: Romaniacs

Speedflying through other-worldly mountains, gullies & primal forest. Thanks to Aurel Marquet and Jamie Lee for making this trip a reality. Enjoy…

Also thanks to: Claudio Cagnasso, Luke & Rebecca, Ryan Risberg, Antonin (AHStudio),
Tonfly, PeekSteep, Ozone, White Stork Beer Co. and Rock The Outdoor


Music: Rone – Bye Bye Macadam

8 thoughts on “Unreal Speedflying in Dreamland: Romaniacs
  1. Cool Video! thanks for the ride,peace,mike.

  2. Cool, keep on rocking! 🙂

  3. It’s crazy!:)
    Good Luck and stay safe!

  4. Brutal!!! 😉

  5. Stunning and crazy and I want to do this so badly.

  6. Damn! This was a killer video, crazy camera work and even garlier flying!

  7. Hello,

    My name is Jack Moran and I am a producer for the TV show “RightThisMinute”. Our executive producers saw this awesome video and would like to share it with our viewers. Would you give us permission to share it on our show and digital platforms with credit to you and your channel? You will retain all rights to the video. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Please email me at jack.moran@rightthisminute.com



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