The Drop – A Cinematic VR Wingsuit Experience

Get immersed in our new #wingsuit 360 degree VR adventure with adrenaline pilot Graham Dickinson​

Watch him and Dario Zanon drop from a helicopter into the cloud and snow covered mountains of Lauterbrunnen in the Alps of Switzerland.
Feel the speed and proximity…

14 thoughts on “The Drop – A Cinematic VR Wingsuit Experience
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    man I did it with vr box. now I feel air sick.what a rush.

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    Awesome and well put together video!! Song name?

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    song name?

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    ??better than sex

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    mejoren la calidad de los videos Por favor ?

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    wow AMAZING? blown away?

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    This is definitely not 4K video material. Maybe upscaled to 4K, but real 4K footage would be way much clearer than this.

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      Snowwie88 Interesting feedback. I think you’re not fully grasping how 360deg footage works:
      yes, it is 4k, not up scaled a bit, but since a flat 4k video is wrapped around your head and the FOV is only around 110deg at max, we are speaking of 1,174px per screen.
      There is now way to upload 12k footage in order to get 4k per screen.

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    hey could please share the information on the camera which has bin used. thank you.

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      talorstudios of course:
      Kodak Action Cam SP360 4K PIXPRO – with a custom mount attaching 2 of those together to a skydiving camera helmet.

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