Skydiving Test

On the flight we have to trust the equipment (instrument) from Eagle Tree

12 thoughts on “Skydiving Test
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    Steika bra flykveld det var….Virkelige flåtte scener …Neste gang blir det Rain-X på linsa 🙂
    En stor takk til bakkemanskapet…hehe…Må vel kalles vitamin innsprøytning dette.

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    This video is just fantastic and is a huge credit to the pilot and his helpers. Instrument flying with FPV under the circumstances shown in this video is extremely difficult and requires a lot of guts!
    After this there are no more limits and we look forward to more of the same. Well done!

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    Fantastisk!!!! 😀

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    Wow…..EVENTYRLIGE bilder!! Flott prestasjon!

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    wooww very nice records!!

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    crazy and wonderful 🙂

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    amazing !

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    Very beautiful and smooth sunset cloud flight. Great job you did flying thru that “pea-soup” going up and coming back. Now somebody will have to be the first to invent a ‘windshield wiper’ for fpv camera lenses! ha ha ha ha.
    Thanks for the vid, – Rob

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    Flott video, stor inspirasjon. Artig med innflygningslysa 🙂

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    Veeeery nice! – Well done! Any chance for a pm what equipment you used? The plane sounds like a twinstar. But i am wondering what radio control system and what kind of video transmisson was used 😉

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    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, amazed. Thanks!

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