Skydiving over the Bahamas

One of the most incredible things that is possible to do thanks to Skydiving is to enjoy amazing places in the world from an unusual point of view. Up in the air. Of course you can have the same view from an airplane but by skydiving you don’t have walls that protect you. You are totally free, you can literally touch the sky and have a 360-degree view on the environment around you. That’s exactly what you feel watching the last amazing video on the youtube channel Skydiving in Paradise where a group of professionals skydivers jump over the Bahamas.
The sky is clean, there are just few clouds passing over there. Every skydiver has on his helmet a Go Pro Camera so we can see this performance from all the points of view and the video was perfectly edited. They are so high in the sky that from their altitude is possible to see the entire island in its shape and also the beautiful colors of its sea.


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H/T:Skydiving in Paradise

You can spot that these people are professional by the way they skydive. It seems like they are not falling, but floating in the air. They move, touch each other apparently on the same altitude. Only when they open their parachute it’s clear that they’re falling. One of them is so brave to wear flip-flops instead of normal shoes.

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H/T:Skydiving in Paradise

Every skydiver has a red pouch, an emergency flotation device that is activated by pulling on a chord in case they land on the water and by Skydiving in these kind of places, this device is mandatory. In the second half of the video the place changes and the skydiving team perform over Miami. So,what are you waiting for? Go watch this amazing video and if you like it take a look to their youtube channel to see other skydiving performances in other cool places.

17 thoughts on “Skydiving over the Bahamas
  1. I don’t like that it is scary because they in the sky

  2. The Wandering Campervan

    what’s the music?

  3. how did you edit this? and I just saw these!

  4. This makes me want to do this all the time

  5. Great Location to Jump. I would love to Jump there one day too <3

  6. Great camera work! Always look forward to your vids…the crew has some excellent flying skills. Keep em coming, be safe, and Blue Skies!

  7. Insane video!
    What are those red pouches for?

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