Scary Rope Swing

Watch as Bernardo Rodrigues screams his way through a beautiful rope swing ride in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

131 thoughts on “Scary Rope Swing
  1. giraffe

  2. That’s awesome! 

  3. 3..2.. Releases 

  4. Григорий Герасимов


  5. Haha

  6. 5… 4… 3… Whouuaaaaaaa!!!

  7. Ai que medo!! Hahahahah!Se é loco !

  8. Nice 🙂


  10. Brasileiro tá se multiplicando até aqui

  11. i.. wanna.. .dothattt 

  12. I Wanna do this hard:3

  13. ??

  14. Anyone know what pole he’s using? I need a new one. 

  15. That looks like so much fun! Bucket listed!

  16. Luv the count down, Awesone  5, 4, go.

    • +Matt McConaha That’s even more evil! hahaha

    • Every time a person does a countdown for anything ever, they do this. I think it would have been better if he counted all the way down to zero and did nothing. Maybe pretend that he tried to release it and it didn’t work. So then he’s like, “Oh sorry, sometimes it sticks like this, the swing is really old and not in great condition anymore, we need to replace it soon.” and the WHOOSH!!!

    • thumbs up
      my thoughts exactly 🙂

    • Oh Yes indeed especially when he started at 5

    • You can totally see it coming when the guy counting had an evil smirk on his face. Haha

  17. Tricasino86 (Luca Roveda)

    5-4-3-2…… Bastard ahahaha

  18. Nice

  19. Dirty bastard ha ha

  20. Every GoPro Hero 3 owner should get a Cyclops Bandana mount found on Ebay.

  21. THAT was sick!

  22. Backpacking Bananas

    I did this! It was amazing! The staff make it terrifying though ahha

  23. 5, 4, 3, 2

  24. GoPro. Be a scaro and pee on your pants.

  25. cool

  26. Definitely on my bucket list..

  27. It’s called the Nevis swing

  28.  0:30 “Five, four, three, Tw..*Unleash*”. Dat evil bastard 😛 

  29. travelling nz south island in onovember for 5 weeks… So doing this!!! 🙂

  30. Cool, I want to do this too

  31. drap movie present

    И внизу дом из кирпичей сложить можно ))))))))))))ахахах


  33. holy fu*king shit 


  35. Hahaha! “5-4-3-twAAAAAAHHHH!!!”

  36. That would be so crazy waiting for the release!
    Intense ride!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  37. He’s Brazilian o/

  38. great!

  39. Como que se asustó…?  Espeluznante. Muy bueno.

  40. ahhhh it’s very good ahah

  41. Just stop the video at any point between 0:35 and 0:38

  42. he, drann gebunden an der Hand!

  43. That looks awesome!

  44. Wow, that’s sick!
    One day.. And then I’m doing this! (I hope..)


  46. He’s shit bricks!

  47. Moral of the story. Don’t Trust No One    -.-

  48. That was SO cool

  49. ТОЖЕ ХОЧУ !!!

  50. ahhhh im dying!!

  51. “ai que medo” XD

  52. Константин Ко

    Вот обманщик)

  53. i think i saw rambo in the jungle

  54. hahahahahaha!! YESSS!!

  55. MrSneezingTurtle

    I thought it broke when he got unattached

  56. he was more scared waiting!

  57. Ai que medo ! HEUEUHEUHHUEE coragem cara ! :b

  58. been there done that

  59. dat countdown tho’

  60. 5…..4……3……2… [DROP THE BOMB]
    Where the fu#k was ONE ?!?!?!?!

  61. Oh shit!

  62. What an asshole for pulling the pin on 2

  63. Brasil 


    Adrenaline city boys.

  65. bakedwithrealchez

    In these situations people never count to 1 I used to do it to people on zip lines. But its just not the same as this

  66. Go NZ!

  67. and this is why i live in nz

  68. lol holy shit 😀

  69. I’ve been on that exact one haha the guys that own it are funny as

  70. you can see the anticipation and fear in his face before being detached 😀

  71. its very very fast

  72. woow, i like it


    Dat scream do’

  74. столько эмоций))

  75. “It’s very good” hahahahah

  76. What a liar!! 5-4-3-(2) See you!

  77. The camera is taped on his hand 😀

  78. Brasileiro!

  79. brasileiro ( ai q medo )  kkkkkkk

  80. é br kkkkkk

  81. Brazilian everywhere 🙂 . nice video!!!!

  82. I got a go pro ad for a to go pro ad: goproception?

  83. sketch

  84. MDR
    Il a fait 4… 3…2 ET BIM!!!

  85. GNAR.

  86. huehuehue brbrbrbrbr

  87. DezeNaamKanVeelBeter

    Very good.

  88. haha

  89. brbrbr brazilian haha

  90. “ai que medo”

  91. Истерикаааааа ))))

  92. The man was scared, not the rope.

  93. He let him go at 2…..poor guy

  94. I love New Zealand~

  95. 5… 4… 3… 2… AHHHHHHHHH

  96. This is so fun to do :D. Everyone u need to try this

  97. holy shit! i would’ve been scared too!

  98. Jonathan Faulkner

    Is very guud!

  99. Guilherme Scheidt

    Brasil é nozes!

  100. Haha, this is amazing! It looks like so much fun! 🙂 

  101. P*ssy didn’t count to ONE

  102. sick. I want too ;( haha

  103. looks great ….awesome

  104. amaizing 😀 

  105. Так нормальные полетушки.

  106. that guy played him dirty lol

  107. Ohhhh…Nice !!

  108. GoPro: Scared Rope Swing

  109. O M G

  110. i need to do this… awesome..

  111. xDD ;D


  113. This guy sure knows how to count!

  114. its very good!

  115. jerk

  116. ?

  117. I almost screamed >.>


  119. i went on that thing twice


  121. SirFrancisBaggyPants IV

    its very good 🙂

  122. prankster reminded me of tyler durden lol

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