RC Wingsuit – Part 1

Will this fly like a… well a human? or drop like a rock? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see! Stay tuned for next weeks video where I build the parachute and a new drone to drop it from!

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RC Wingsuit - Part 1
RC Wingsuit - Part 1

Will this fly like a... well a human? or drop like a rock? Either way, it'll be interesting to see! Stay tuned for next weeks video where I build the parachute and a new drone to drop it from! Support my videos via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tomstanton Sponsored by 3D Printz UK: https://3dprintz.co.uk/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------- Want to promote your company or product? Contact me at TomStantonYT@gmail.com Support my videos via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tomstanton Huge thanks to the following Patrons for supporting me: Anthony Losego Colin Riordan Justin Carroll mcfets Zohaib Rauf Andrew Ebling Robbie Mackie Rasmus Backman James Walkinton Brandin Link U.S. Water Rockets Michelle Powell Jay Rothwell Niko Schuster Andrew Hyams Mike Close Michel EDIGHOFFER KJ Alper Bahçeliler Pierre Retief International Schools Database Marc Urben lakshay anand Jens Schwoon AndersWangensteen Ted Blue Courage greg cordray Peter Sripol Mark Muir craig rasch Dave Joubert Bernard Gauweiler Zoltán Vér Bskitter Jonathan Lee Matt Casey Horseman 3381 Nam Nguyen Alex Birkett Johan Nick Platts Matt's electronics Tim Mee Michael Wellman Josh McCulloch Aner Nitsan Felix Weißig Lars Nielsen Charlie Barker Teodor Macarie Christian Meinhardt Brayden Dyck markus Beunen Christiaan ABSnyderRC Steven Hodges Michael davis John Russcher Phil LeBlond Dave Whittaker Josiah Gaskin Stephen Mott Joe Pasqua RCdiy Andy T Joel Buckingham Wolfgang Bernecker Simon Clifton Tommy Blom Gary Martin Francois Fontaine Dobronyi Benedek Thomas Blazon Jack Ricitelli tim lumsdon Barrie Grant Rodney Grant Saeed Alasiri Uffe Clausen Ben Lewis Roger Rabbit Cees de Greef Jacob Walker john Rosenlund Mathew Buer Bruce Hoover Brayden Chubb Tobias Eriksson Mark Tyrrell Thomas Kramm Jack Michaan ZeroFlame007 jon stevens Stephen K Mark Parkinson Peer Brolund Cheesy Games Valentyna Tim Hoerlein Teig Murphy Jamie Quinlan Edward Chew Carl Richards david shore 13712143041 Hadley Boks-Wilson tim prigg Elliot Wilson Derrick TYLER Wengerd Dick Blumer Marcel Stig Vikström Aaron Neman chris mims Dwayne Myers Ernesto Morales Hernández Ron Jelley William Culliford Darren Bartz Christopher Ong Evert-jan Klooster Zachary Eason Travis Seip Nathan Evans magnus stig bruun rasmussen matt minjarez Robert Persson Gary Ferguson Jr Jens Heuschkel BoerniTheWorm Tom Gourlay Pieterjan Roose GreekGadgetGuru Ethan Turner Yohann alex Ayman Karam Lyubomir Shumkov Nico Winkelsträter Jordan Lucey Dennis Curry Luca Lu Miccoli Matt Bryan Cody Blotske Jonas Christensen Michael Ruggles Thomas de Fretes Darcy Snell Chris Hawkins Richard Stegall Tanner Fanguy scott hammond LE Scott Tobias Starke Josh DesRoche Zeren Jake Ward Marc Aymerich Pablo B oliver gould Jo Boiteau Benedetto Carta Prashant Sharma Harrison Covert Claude Kennedy Eric Johnson Jean-Louis Cornez Atle Grelland Sergio Di Ventura Michael Leung Ioan Hill Austin Levy Don Moloney Jeffrfey Gwin Zak Tues Jack Forbes Brennen P Steve Erickson Pawel Thirtytwo Janne Sarvi Jacob Maddie Liam Tidwell Lucas Di Pentima Jesse Smith Landon Lively Michel Otremba luke dunbar Taylor Roysdon Layton Nelson Wanja Döring Michael Young Tommy Karlsson Charlie Bruce Tristan Babcock Claudio Mastìo David Foster Aitor Terán Thimios Bilalis Jiang Aihe God-Emperor Jackson Charlie TheHarle rudolf tanguy Alex John William Cole Connor Weller Daniel Sköldengen Floydd Gartman Mads Rudolph David Müller Zachary Hudnall Richard Walker Nathan Frost Ben Cook Javier B Andoni Martin aus Tirol Riley Penegor Ashleigh Peacock Charlie Garcia Keith Gribben Peter Roberts Ian Gates Victor Jahn elkink Jerry coleman Fred Pfost stuart sharp Michael Vennard Adolph Janssen Sebastian Orskaug KRCNZ 3D Printer filament sponsored by 3D Printz UK: https://3dprintz.co.uk/ My Other Equipment: Main camera - http://amzn.to/2vlvlC6 Main lens - http://amzn.to/2gMrhru Main tripod - http://amzn.to/2tqRjBt Secondary Tripod - http://amzn.to/2t1NkMh Microphone - http://amzn.to/2uuv9n0 Audio recorder - http://amzn.to/2v3mjcG Banggood affiliate: https://www.banggood.com/?p=LT0710618750201406EK ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Social Media Links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stantonfpv/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

164 thoughts on “RC Wingsuit – Part 1
  1. thats awesome

  2. Well, you don’t see anyone else as dedicated to engineering one of these from scratch on YouTube. Well done Tom! Cheers!

  3. Fpv?

  4. You totally rock at explaining stuff (and 3D printing)

  5. if you are gonna build your lifter drone, maybe an f550? relatively cheap, can autopilot nicely with a naza or pixhawk, and should have no real trouble lifting your wingsuit model 🙂

  6. Watching him use a soldering iron to heat shrink made me want to vomit

  7. You should create a rc bird type thingy

  8. Fascinating video and concept. I really hope this works out. I do think there are two or three “control” elements missing from this design.
    For more accurate replication of wing-suit flight you would need to consider
    – controllable “Shoulders” (to allow you to independently tuck either arm in close to the body to more effectively control roll, and to tuck them in simultaneously to control pitch an airspeed)
    – controllable “elbows” (for fine pitch and some yaw control)
    – controllable “hips”
    – controllable “knees”

    Of course a wing-suit is far more difficult to accurately replicate in RC as this form of flight is controlled far more like that of a bird or other flying animal which means that every bone and muscle is used to finely control some aspect of the flight. Even the head!

    I love this project. All the best

  9. Was wondering why it took you so long to screw down the parachute hatch………smart using a common screw to hold the head on also.

  10. if you’re confused why everyone’s screaming quick maffs down here, 10:36

  11. Make it fpv

  12. Very cool. Why didn’t you go for a lighter frsky setup

  13. The Philbert and Gilbert Show

    I have been waiting for someone to make one of these forever, Thanks! 🙂

  14. If you want to turn the sanded plastic back to it’s original color, just take a torch to it from a distance and slowly warm the surface till the white re-assimilates. You could do it with a lighter too, you just have to be more strategic not to burn yourself or your piece.

  15. Awesome idea Tom!

  16. To cool man

  17. This is the coolest thing ever!! Can’t wait to see it fly!

  18. Nice work. Might want to paint the back a different colour for orientation if it spirals

  19. My understanding was that the bulk of the control comes from the legs. Ie Bank and yank. This could be done reasonably well with two servos to get a *similar* motion: both legs together for elevator. Rotate hips, and use elevator to get the rudder. This way you don’t need a flexible material between the legs. My understanding is that bringing the arms in/or creating dihedral is to loose altitude quickly, or stablise quickly when precision is needed. Now these are all theories from watching too many videos of people going out for real. I could be wrong about any or all parts. I hope this helps.

  20. Drop it from the Chinook!

  21. YES !
    That was something missing in the hobby!

  22. Awesome build! Thank you for the detailed video 🙂
    Looking forward to see its behaviour.

  23. By no means an expert on the subject, but wouldn’t you need for the arm webbing (or “wings”) to be soft, so that the arms can move in? I imagined turning these things would involve moving the arms/hands closer to or further away from the body. Doing so on one side would relax the fabric causing it to be less stretched and presumably create more drag which would cause you to turn? Just going on a limb, aerodynamics are hard, and the human body is complicated to model…

  24. Tom another great video and idea. Perhaps you can do some tutorials on designing a project in CAD

  25. I too think that the calcs are wrong. Bigger is better with Reynolds.
    However the guts may be usable for one of these!
    Even ‘look – one hand!’)

  26. What kind of solder iron do you have?

  27. HECK YEAH!!! My dream come true!!

  28. You should look into lemonrx recievers they are Orange rx clones super cheap and even smaller

  29. Can’t wait!

  30. This fly?

  31. Super original!

  32. Looking forward to the test flying day! Awsome idea!

  33. Looking great already! Great work!

  34. Since it’s not aerofoil shaped, this is more like an old-school bat suit than a wingsuit. I’m a professional wingsuiter and would love to answer any questions. The planform you chose is more like a beginner’s suit and will have far less lift than the more advanced planforms that have a lot more wing surface area.

  35. It would be cool if you could remove the head and add a little motor

  36. You’re freakin’ awesome Tom. Can’t wait to see part two!

  37. Make a rocket that actually flies fast and is controllable.

  38. For onboard power – in most cases just a single Li cell wo any converters works just fine.

  39. Aerodynamics do not act the same at scale. It’s far far far far far too heavy.

  40. I would definitely thin the walls as much as possible and a pivot at the hip area would be advantageous the more weight you can cut from this the better…..you could remove the webbing areas from the print and leave some kind of attachment area for the nylon

  41. What 5v regulator did you use? IE model # mfg, etc?

  42. Big Clive? Chris Fix?

  43. I’m predicting this thing to fly about as good as a rock.

  44. I have a feeling control from the ground will be very difficult due to vision. I think it needs fpv.

  45. I think you would save a lot of weight if you used ripstop nylon instead of PLA for the surfaces. It doesn’t have to be intricate with cells and such like the full sized one. Just a single sheet glued to a carbon fiber rod I think would make a perfectly fine airfoil when inflated by the windstream. Interesting though that it ended up prettry close to scale weight wise. too bad aerodynamics don’t scale down as nicely though for stuff this small

  46. If you sand under a bit of running water you can decrease the amount of “white” on the print.

  47. It’s Interesting what you are trying to do, but weight does not scale If you were to try compare the characteristics in flight (If RC models used scale weighs they would never fly).
    A good rule of thumb is the wing cube loading (this is not scientifically proven though) but it is better than using wing loading (which results in wrong numbers when scaled way down). If you really want it to be scientific, you can use Reynolds number calculation which gets complicated real fast.

  48. Loving the part 1 and part 2 stuff mate. Gets more info into the builds and gets double the views for your channel. If it helps a creator make more support then it’s a good thing.

  49. What model soldering iron is that? Looks cool

  50. You definitely have to mount FPV system on it (him?) lol

  51. Even if that doesn’t fly it’s a cool build.. I can see that on the shelves of an rc shop

  52. Legs = elevator

  53. Very imaginative, good skills. Maybe add a small spring to chute release arm?

  54. Keen to see this fly ladd good work. What program do you use to create ya 3d prints

  55. I think it will fall very well

  56. Flies like a rock, too little wingspan..

  57. roll control:
    if the diver pulls their right arm in, they lose wind resistance on their right which causes them to bank right.
    Your implementation of moving the arm back should also work but keep in mind that humans arms cannt rotate back quite like or as much as your model.

  58. where abouts are you based in the uk?

  59. what solder iron do u use

  60. Quik mafs

  61. *that thing looks less aerodynomic than a unused condom*

  62. make a small UAV that can fly for 20min and comes back from where it was launched

  63. Any pictures of the inside of the modified servo?

  64. launch HIM into space using weather balloon and then control it

  65. (Fpv) camera on rocket man (+30g)?

  66. if you grab a hot air gun and put it over the white patches it should melt them smooth again

  67. You always do so much good stuff, but you ruin it in the end, you should use plastic bag for you wings foils or monokote, and second you CG is nose heavy because you did not included the parachute, and I hope you print in one parameter hallow.

  68. Hey Tom, just stumbled across you channel. Nice work sir!
    I was wondering what soldering iron you use? It looks quite agile. Would you recommend it?

  69. ]•Dude Rekkit106•[

    your controller reminds me of a frsky taranis

  70. I say strap this guy to a model rocket to launch him. Then stick an fpv camera on him 😉

  71. 2+2 is 4 – 1 thats 3 10:37

  72. SGCrawlers RC / MyHonchoSG

    Interesting project! Can’t wait to see this guy in action!!

  73. I love these out of the box projects Tom. Keep up the great work. As a side note, you could use the Chinook to drop him hehehe

  74. myusernameislongerth

    Wingsuit requires surprisingly little input. It’s pretty much just the movements of the head and shoulders for most maneuvers.

  75. It would “probably” be more efficient if you used 2 lighter 5g servos ( or less) and hinged the legs to act as a V-tail. Then if you print the “webs” as a separate piece that is a single layer thick and cut it to fit/glue in place you would be a little lighter. Drop for height and fly it down.

  76. Het Tom, I’m starting to work on a quadcopter of sorts with four tilting servos so I can have thrust vectoring on each motor. Would you recommend going with a digital servo?

  77. 10:37 6ft = 65kg QUICK MATHS

  78. These suits are controlled thru the back of the wings they have an extra flap they can use like an aileron with their hand as well as leaning and slight arm movements as well as leg rotation acting like a tail i believe. wingsuitfly.com also has some vids on it

  79. So interesting, I look forward to the following video

  80. If it flies, would be good model to test out the theory that wing suit flyers can temporarily flare to level for water landing without parachute…

  81. Darren-Edward Oneill

    I have first hand knowledge of wingsuit technology and control give me a shout at wingnutzster@gmail.com

  82. Hello, are you the same Tom that used to frequent the Heliguy forum back a few years ago

  83. ahhhhhhhhhhh… yet another “part 1” video where I know there’s gonna be an awesome video some day but I can’t watch it right now. damn.. it’s like movies were split in 3 parts.. not like trilogies but like a whole movie was cut in 3 parts. so annoying

  84. Cliffhanger..

  85. 10:36 your welcome

  86. The legs on a wingsuit operate as the elevator

  87. Someday i really want to go wingsuiting. Probably the closest we can get to actually flying so i feel like that would be really awesome. Ive always wanted to be able to fly somehow so yeah.

  88. If it flies make it fpv. Please it would be awesome. And yes i know i commented twice on this video i just had to say two unrelated things.

  89. Supernatural Swamp AIDS

    Yay! I’ve been waiting!

  90. Supernatural Swamp AIDS

    They also cup their arms as well. They point their toes down/back, completely extended. Legs bent at knee for “elevator” but it’s really a combo of upper and lower body movements and shape.

  91. You should make an M9 Reaper replica! 😀

  92. anthony james Mussared

    Awesome video. Just wondering what soldering iron are you using?

  93. In all honesty, I’d be surprised if that worked, but even more awesome!

  94. As this is not powered, I would have made the arms as airfoils to increase flight capability. This is very interesting, but I think its going to drop like a rock due to lack of aerodynamics and weight to flight surface ratio.

  95. Can’t wait for part two!

  96. Put it in an acetone Vapor chamber to help smooth the surfaces. You can also just use a sprayer or even a paintbrush and apply a small amount of acetone directly to the surface and it will give you a smoother cleaner finish on your 3D print. Other chemicals work as well such as lacquer thinner and xylene. If you’re going to put it in the vapor chamber make sure and take all your electronics off first

  97. This is impressive. Really cool. Scaling aerodynamics is REALLY hard, and the acute and very mixed control of wing suits is, from what I understand, really really complicated and would take some serious actuators and surface bending/billowing to replicate with any accuracy. I don’t think any computer TX could replicate accurately the intricacies of what a human brain and a few hundred muscles can figure out to steer a suit, not to mention the sensors that humans come standard with (touch,joint position, wind on face, force on arms,legs, etc) but, If accuracy/scale is the goal, you did exactly what I would have recommended for a 2-servo ship. I can’t wait to see you fly it!

  98. Hey mate. What soldering iron do you use? Do you recommend it? I’m after a new one.

  99. way too heavy to be at all an effective glider (which shows that humans wearing wingsuits are also terrible gliders!)

  100. New drinking game: take a shot every time you say “uh”

  101. You should say squirrel more, I love it

  102. really a video about shit and no flight!!!!!!!!!CNN wanna be

  103. Interesting for sure! I’m a skydiver, wingsuiter, and wingsuit instructor with ~1500 jumps. Happy to help you figure some of this out. Currently, you’re missing a key input on the tail, but for your purpose you may not need it. One thing to think about for your parachute — what way is the model flying and what is the parachute going to do when the servo opens the parachute? With enough forward speed, the parachute will likely snag the bit that goes under the servo horn as the parachute moves towards the feet and not directly towards the sky.

  104. How do you plan to be able to see this thing at such a high altitude to even control it? You will have to drop it from at least a couple hundred feet to get some gliding time and time enuf to deploy parachute. Seems like a fpv cam would be needed to be able to tell what’s going on. All I know is I can’t wait to see what happens.

  105. Nice project! If it works I can easily see the RC wingsuit as a toy for the mass market.

  106. So Nice

  107. Very clever design and very neat construction, Tom,congrats. As a wingsuit BASE jumper and RC flyer I’m really anxious to see the results. When we fly a wingsuit the geometry is constantly changing depending on what we want to do. This is extremely difficult to model in a rigid design as even small shoulder, arms, legs torso, etc adjustments can make a huge difference in the flight path. Good luck with your project and let me know if I can help you with any info.

  108. You could add an fpv system to control it better

  109. Parmindersingh Nokewal

    the idea is good but I find the material weight too high for this size…. and the parachute would not open as you demonstrated by pulling up the lever. If the knob is open, the parachute would be still a dead thing.

  110. Always looking forward to your videos, thumbs up!👍👍

  111. I think it will drop kind of like a rock

  112. so cool ^^

  113. Put a micro fpv rig on it.

  114. That is an awesome concept! I haven’t seen anyone do this yet.
    My prediction is that it is much too heavy and will just fall like a rock. I suggest maybe 3D printing the frame with no infill and then using an airplane coating like Ultracote or some other film.

  115. Which CAD software do you use?

  116. That sure looks great. Though I think it will glide… fall really fast and would be hard to control.
    You could launch that with a catapult. Will probably be more convenient than attaching it to another vehicle someone has to control.
    What I was thinking about for a while is a wingsuit made of carbon tubes and a “space blanket”. Can make it really lightweight, which, in theory, would mean slower flying, more controlability and flight time. At cost of really bad wind penetration.

  117. 10:36 2+2 is 4 – 1 thats 3…

  118. Cool project. Just one question. Why do you use such heavy equipment? Pretty big servo’s and even metal gears. Why? And when you use much smaller servo’s I think you can also use a much smaller battery. Hope to see it “fly” soon. (Although I think it will fall like a brick without control. When I do the math I also come to a 1:6 man with a weight of about 400 grams maximum. But when I see the wingsuitmodel it feels like not possible. We will see. keep it up

  119. Nice project. This parachute raiders with an FPV system will be a new rc sector.

  120. as always! epic work!

  121. cool vid

  122. Supernatural Swamp AIDS

    Check out Daily Dose’s newest video…there is skiing robots! You should do an RC skier! Or snowboarder!

  123. What do you use to design your 3D prints?

  124. Pretty damn awesome! Can’t wait to see it fly, errrrrr, i mean fall with style!

  125. Hollow out the head and put in a FPV 🎥
    Only weighs a few grams with vtx.

  126. Awesome project!! Will you be attending 3d Meetup in Sweden? Would be cool to meet you there and se some of your projects 😀

  127. Supernatural Swamp AIDS

    Part two! Can’t wait!

  128. I enjoy watching your videos makes me want learn more about flight n stuff

  129. 360 camera in the head for true fpv and you could drop in on small canyons and waterslides, THIS> i think drone skydiving should be more of a thing, you could have a little booth at landmarks or events and someone walks in puts on an vr headset and you drop a parachute (360 camera weighted right for controlled fall) in a area pulling parachute at designated height and guiding parachute into landing area to reset for next customer, ALL THE THRILL AND LITTLE RISK (drop people over water on a beach or in the Grand Canyon) how much for a 3 minute ride < Build me this ginger bread brit

  130. So crasy….

  131. YES why didn’t i think of this!!!

  132. I saw a video where you put your printed pieces in a closed boxe or jar and put some acetone in it. ( acetone should not touche the plastic) A small fan helps the process. The acetone vapors smooths out the printed part. You can experiment with that for the proper duration of the process. Hope that can help!

  133. Wow didnt even fly it

  134. subed

  135. I got bully today

  136. Just found your channel. Where has it been all my life!? Amazing work, keep it up!

  137. Looking forward to seeing part 2!

  138. Which 3D software are you using?

  139. Bravo Tom

  140. So it’s a glider

  141. From my (very limited understanding) you need legs controll – pushing your hips and legs forward and torso backward while having arms wide spread acts like a break/elevator, decreasing the speed while at the same time redirects the air flow giving jumper the ability to gain altitude (basically allowing to go higher/lower, gliding or stalling, allowing controll over how much air is going beneath the surface and above, and whole that aerodynamics things about lift and air pressure :P) – if enough speed was built up before the manouver. Slight movement in hips/legs improves the controll in turns. Closing and opening arms will determine how much surface is there to catch the air, so if you’ll drop it perfectly flat – will it glide or will it dive-head down, but you need the control of body curvature to control the glide vs air tension. (which on such a small thing i’m guessing is going to be hell to observe and interact with, expect A LOT of failures, as there’s no way to literally feel what’s going on while in air). Also, if this works… sh*t mate i need to get that. I got into FPV as a cheaper and safer alternative for proximity wingsuits 😀 Also, If you dig wingsuits there’s a pretty nice game (canceled early access – no longer in development, but still very well made and worthy to check out) called Volo Airsport, which is actually physics based wingsuit/parachute simulator, yes, i know, it’s a game, still might shed some insights onto this.

  142. If you were near I’d give you this 450 monster collecting dust on the wall.

  143. No flying test ? I wanna see… I wanna see….

  144. Use your chinook!!!!!!!!!!! To lift

  145. i bought a NAZA lite a month ago

  146. When do part 2 come

  147. The fasteners you are using are screws, not bolts. Bolts are paired with nuts. Screws go into threaded holes in the material. I love your videos, but sometimes the words you use are not the most accurate.

  148. parafauna.com has some good tutorials on how to construct airram parachutes.

  149. You should put an fpv camera on it instead of the head

  150. That thing is amazing! question and suggestion: are these overall solids or also hollow structures? For the parachute: in an iteration you could make a split compartment: body front: the electronics, servos, battery / body back: the parachute with latch.

  151. Part 2 part 2 please i like i really like wingsuit

  152. Good job! Let see how it flies

  153. so much more work … for the sake of scaling up 10% and reprinting!

  154. Make the ‘wings & tail’ from parachute material or even a very thin neoprene, for a bit more flex and resistance and even less weight, they could also then close and open scissor action, could even add ballast to get the correct weight scale ratio.

    Superb stuff!

    How about a 2 or 3 stage rocket project?!

    Elevate a launch platform, balloons, EDF’s maybe, then a timed solid fuel rocket launched from it. Do the launch from local mountain to gain immediate elevation and you could reach some serious height. A Two man RC job I think, one for the platform, other for launch and descent. A camera fitted to all 3 would be amazing in sequence.

    Maybe even strap wingsuit man to the rocket, space shuttle style and guide him down after release until you can deploy the chute.

    PS, am a serious armchair RC fan, more ideas than practical skills, but I have an idea what’s achievable in 2018 compared to when I was tinkering in the 1980’s as a boy!

  155. pivots here which is “not far from a real human being” !!!! the best comment of the video….because non real human beings are made of plastic and they fly….oh wait, they do!!!! You’re a cool dude man!!!

  156. Asshole, I wanna see it fly!!!

  157. Good

  158. nice video!! can you do a flying video of this wingsuit?

  159. 2+2 is 4 – 1 that’s 3

  160. That thing will fly like a rock.


    really, this is awesome! 😀

  162. You need a 25mW vtx/cam combo for the front and you can fly it FPV! Awesome project.

  163. awesome

  164. I love your videos as well. Especially the bicopter

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