Pt. Durier on Mt. Blanc: World’s Biggest BASE Jump..?

June 8 2013, The Vercors BASE Team opened a new exit point on the Point Durier in the Mt Blanc Massif. It is now possibly the world’s biggest BASE jump, with 3000m (9,840 feet) of flyable altitude from a natural cliff exit.
Pilots: Vincent “Le Blond” Descols (Squirrel Aura), Jean-Phi Gady (Squirrel Colugo), Mael Baguet (Squirrel Colugo), and Mathieu Leroux.

17 thoughts on “Pt. Durier on Mt. Blanc: World’s Biggest BASE Jump..?
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    WOW! That thing is huge, amazing exit too! Congratulations guys!!!

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    no comment guys 🙂

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    Great! Where do you guys put your climbing gear (crampons, ice tools etc) for the jump? Obviously you can’t store it in backpacks right ? 🙂

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    way to do it.;)

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    Nice one, have to be pretty confident about your glide ratio… haha wow! EPIC

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    !!!!!! So long that you can get lost!! Spectacular!

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    Luke McCarthy - Director

    How many minutes is that flying before deploying your chutes?

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    Christophe Michot

    Bad ass!

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    Guillaume De Maeyer/

    Ça a l’air grandiose ! Bravo !
    Le matos vous l’avez redescendu comment (Just Nobody demandait déjà) Et le temps de vol aussi !! On veut savoir !!

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    Negative4 Productions


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    I’d like to see the raw footage with a time on the delay!

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    Seven Twenty Productions

    Awesome! Nice work guys.

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    Amazing !!

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