Base Jump Session at The beaches of Etretat, Normandy

The beach, the sand, the mountains, the adrenaline and the best landscapes are waiting for you in Normandy.

The beaches of Etretat and the cliffs are known around the world, most tourists visit this place from the ground. But we, we propose to admire them in a free fall from the mountain and have the chance to observe them during the flight. Once you’ve reached the right height, you’ll be able to run for a free fall that you’ll remember all your life!

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Etretat is still a place of great emotions in which man is in direct contact with a simply beautiful and fragile nature. The amazing verticality of the cliffs of the Costa de Albâtre contrasts, in total harmony, with the sweetness of its beach, while the murmur of the waves transports you to a universe of dreams.

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The coastline of the Alabaster Coast, in Normandy is composed mainly of high cliffs interspersed with valleys.

Etretat, classified as “Great National Site”, owes its fame to its cliffs admired all over the world. As its name implies, the cliffs of Etretat are found in the villages of Etretat, in the Upper Normandy of France. From them you can observe the well-known spot channel. These cliffs are known for their shapes, which have been carved by the waves in decades. Among these wonderful shapes you can see the iconic needle eye, which is one of its main attractors. In Etretat, the cliffs have scarcely changed in several centuries: they are composed of turquoise chalk called “de Tilo” ‘, very hard, at its base, and Senonian chalk above, hardened by many stone benches.

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To the right of the beach is another cliff, the “Falaise d’Amont”, on top of which is the small and charming Church Notre-Dame de la Garde. The Roc Vaudieu and the Needle of Belval, are of the same type as the Needle of Etretat, of vestiges of the cliff and its arches. They show the fragility of the coast very susceptible to erosion. It is for this reason that the preservation of the natural environment remains a key action of the place. The development and maintenance of coastal paths continues to be a priority, due to the number of visitors. The paths of the cliffs are built with respect to nature.

Thus, this wonder created by nature in centuries, presents numerous sculptures created by the force of the sea, which with its erosion and waves, have made these cliffs a place worthy of world recognition. One of his most striking and outstanding sculptures is the needle eye, which has been the inspiration of numerous artists throughout history.

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These cliffs have great height, and with its landscape and facilities, it is a very popular place when it comes to sightseeing and sharing with friends or family. This place offers an atmosphere flooded by tranquility where the sound of the swell and the song of the birds is the only distraction.

For this and more, every year, thousands of people visit the town of Etretat to admire its outstanding natural beauty, which has made this small place one of the busiest places in all of France, either seated on the beach , or launching in parachute from the highest point of the cliff.

The cliffs of Etretat fascinate you particularly and you dream of skydiving? So, make a winning combo and jump over these wonders of chalk, symbol of Upper Normandy.

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Come and discover a sensation of free fall at more than 200 km / h with a parachute from this beautiful cliff and experience all the emotion of the free fall. You will feel different incredible sensations! Stress, adrenaline, fear, relief and unforgettable pleasure.

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