HD HERO camera: Base Jump Clip

Yes, this is real…and yes, Neil is awesome. Shot on the new HD Helmet HERO in 960p (1280×960) resolution, with 4:3 aspect ratio, giving you a full 170º angle of view.

20 thoughts on “HD HERO camera: Base Jump Clip
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    EVIL. I just pre-ordered.

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    oh good lord.

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    Super cool there are HD head cameras. I like being able to see a base jump from that perspective.

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    That was intense.

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    you are creasy!!!!!!!! very cool video

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    very nic shot

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    so extra super bad-ass.

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    really great !! loved it ,
    just a stupid question : is he breathing through his noise or his mouth cause i cant imagine breathing through mouth in this case ,but that what’s he seems to do !

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    Francis Coral - Mellon

    Fantastic. Need to get me one of these. Could see massive usage integration with DSLR’s

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    this is insane. insane good!

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    I can’t imagine the adrenalin rush you must have got because it got me going just watching this. Fantastic video..I wonder why we didn’t see the landing.

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    must be filmed in IMAX 3D!!

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    Suuuperman !

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    I LOVE U GUYS !!!

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    wheres the foot-cam shot?!!

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