My First Time Speed Flying!!

Having never really flown without a motor before, I’ve always wanted to get under a speed wing. This was a super safe introduction to speed flying with only 100 ft vertical, less than 20 seconds of flight and soft sand below me. I could have done this all day, it’s way too much fun!

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80 thoughts on “My First Time Speed Flying!!
  1. first ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. hell yeah

  3. Niice

  4. Im a little lost, doesnt the snake fly faster? or at least same speed? Guess I should of watched whole video, you had it trimmed slow i see.

  5. Tucker Gott, if you are in Oregon you should be able to fly home to NJ using the wind. Don’t mind those rockies in Colorado.
    Safe Travels.

  6. welcome to the great Pacific Northwest Tucker!

  7. um.. a little lame.. but I guess they all can’t be winners. dude you rock when your up in your element. not so much here. sorry…

  8. as always, hit like first before watching it. awesome as always bro ๐Ÿ˜š

  9. Mucho fun.

  10. I would love to see some more of the speed flying! keep it up bro

  11. your grandma took a nasty spill at the dunes….broke her acockiks

  12. omg so cool

  13. its funny right like u took 10 minutes to climb to the top and just 10 seconds to reach the bottom ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ great cardio ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  14. Cody Christopher

    Awesome! This makes me want to start speedflying in addition to paramotoring. Im gonna have to swing by TeamflyHalo soon.

  15. I always enjoy watching your videos, been following you for awhile, however I guess I’m missing why your enjoying this so much more. You don’t seem to be going any faster than usual. Can you explain more..thanks and keep up the excellent videos and it man!!!

  16. Could you maybe make a video about speed flying, I’m little confused as to what the distinction is. Thanks!

  17. Great…so now we’ve lost Tucker to the free flight community… So much for anymore cool PPG vids.

  18. that looks so fun

  19. hey Tucker are you still in Oregon?

  20. CloudSurferFilms

    Looks like fun! thanks for the Video!

  21. What does kiting mean? Does it mean literally flying a kite? Also, what app do you use for seeing your speed? Another question, in some videos you used some headset thing to talk to someone paramotoring with you. What did you use?

  22. Super fun! Be careful, free flight is super addicting…โ˜๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘€

  23. ricksta tricksta

    Speed flying looks fun. Would you be doing more if given the chance?

  24. Awesome man! Would it be possible to have a vlog geared towards beginners looking into getting into the sport? Keep up the good work!

    That place looks SICK
    Southy day at Sand City, Ca

  26. I cant remember how I found your channel but, man, Ive been a fan every since the first one. I remember as a kid when I saw a parachute I thought man, if that guy had a camera I could see everything he sees. (Ive never really been a thrill seeker so me coming off the ground to see it for myself is not very likely). Youre doing that almost everyday. To me, theres nothing more exciting than the view of this world through the eyes of a bird. Thanks for the videos, Tucker.

  27. If you’re wanting to get into proximity flying, the central California coast can’t be beat.
    Actually, ANY kind of flying, really

  28. Good video dude. Have fun with the new adventure. Better make some time for real cardio! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Fly safe.

  29. Woah I have that same wallet! It’s the best haha

  30. Paul van Aanhout

    Just found this channel yesterday! I’m so hooked! Awesome stuff man!

  31. Why am I breathing so hard and out of breath sitting at my computer?? lol This video made me tired just watching.

  32. Baesically Basic

    Love getting on and seeing you’ve uploaded a new video!

  33. I’d Love to Have a old paragliding wing specifically to Kite and do stuff like this. (20 second flights off a hill) seems like good practice and good past time when full flights are not a option.

  34. sweet man!

  35. I have the same wallet!

  36. Very cool. Took my first flight yesterday. What a rush. Hope to fly with you sometime

  37. So, basically, it’s like a zip line with lateral control, sans the line and pulley. Cool! I’m having fun just watching, and after listening to you huff and puff I feel like you’ve put in enough cardio for both of us.

  38. love the videos. My dad is off on a 2 week training course for paramotoring. I’m booked in for one in june. we are planning on doing the Icarus trophy in 2018. (are we insane or is this perfectly feasable)

  39. Awesome! Now take it to the next mountain!
    I like that you are trying new stuff. You should also try free flying with a paraglider. Flying thermals and go cross-country. Best feeling in the world.

  40. During the downdraft, thinking:”Where’s the throttle, Where’s the THROTTLE!!!” hehe

  41. Who the F**** puts a dislike you M******** ??????!!!!!

  42. WTF?? After all the AWESOME things you’ve done with a Paraglider how on earth can you possibly find any of this exciting or anything to crow about?? You sound so incredibly Pleased (0:00 to 3:53) and excited about this..???

  43. Valdemar Fragnani neto

    yea buddy!!!! Speedflying is awesome!!!

  44. Kitty Hawk NC has bigger dunes and it’s not as far way from NJ


  46. Hey Tucker….. Man you sound like you’re having such a great time! Love your laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Is it really that much easier to walk up the hill with the wing inflated?

  48. When we were young, my stepbrother and I dreamed about turning our old go-kart into a PPG machine. Like you, I was interested in exploring an intimate version of flight. Obviously, the go-kart remained a go-kart, and instead I became an instrument rated fixed wing pilot. I’m only 85 miles from you, and I wanna try this so bad! Any chance you can take on a student?!

  49. took a hang gliding lesson there a long time ago

  50. i love your videos and i want a para motor one day because of you

  51. DUDE!!! NICE! (>* Your enthusiasm really made it fun to watch!. Come visit us at Tiger Mt. in Issaquah Washington sometime. Do some thermal, and ridge soaring. It’s been sic this last few days! Woot!

  52. Only if I was there
    Keep up the vids tuk

  53. good job man like

  54. I love your videos, man. Have you ever considered using a chase cam? Or would it be unsafe with a paramotor? This is the only one I have found

  55. Great vid Tucker. I like how you still manage to get something positive out of not-so-good conditions and that you are prepared to learn something new in small and safe steps rather than just jumping straight off a cliff like a reckless tool ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. I was just there a couple weeks ago taking my first paragliding lessons. Sorry I wasn’t there this week. You’re videos are what inspired me to get into the sport. Eventually I’d like to to paramotoring too.

  57. thatGUYbehindthemask

    Now go to yosmemite and speedfly off halfdome or something! lol

    8 hour hike up, priceless 5 minute flight down.

  58. stucker gott
    im honestly thinking about getting a scout. im looking at the scout enduro with the same motor as u. And i wish i could get a nirvana wing but thats not exactly a beginner wing. I know you always preach training first and i intend to get my training first most definitely. But you know when you talked about seeing a paramotor video on YouTube a long time ago and thought that was just really awesome. I feel like right when i saw this sport i knew its something i would b doing. And im kinda a special case like with skydiving, i didnt do a single tandem, just went straight to AFF and i loved it ever since

  59. Vintabilly's Nest

    Hahaha, yes man.. I hear ya breathing funky…that’s the sound of new fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. wow that didnt look steep until you got to the top

  61. I made it on a tucker video yeaaaaah. Dude it was a pleasure hanging out with you man. I know more good times are in store!

  62. Awesome! Your content is always fun to watch and edited very well. Been subbed for a couple days after finding your channel by accident lol. I’m hooked. I knew paramotors existed as I have seen them flying around my area and such before, but they always had a frame like a trike or quad, not really interested in those. But now I’ve seen that you can soar with basically nothing under you, I really want one! Hopefully within a few years… I need to get my life sorted out ๐Ÿ˜›

  63. Fan-frickin-tastic!
    Brilliant video Tucker. As always. No fluff. Simple, a little music, crisp editing and plenty of angles. Felt like I was there.
    Great job. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜

  64. Bruh that was a sick lil take off on the beach bruh

  65. Been watching your videos all day. What would you suggest as far as picking a training facility and starter equipment for a beginner?

  66. Tucker, I believe I saw you at Salt Lake City airport today at around 8:30 pm, could be your twin too ๐Ÿ˜ . But I seriously doubt because you had paragliding helmet too. And there can only be so many coincidences in a day.

  67. I want to get in the air from a gigantic hill or dune. But, Mobile Alabama is devoid of open places to catch air for a sled ride or soaring. Motors are always needed. Life of a flatlander. The hills we do have are in town or forested. Our beaches are essentially flat, no big dunes. Sad, really!

    Love watching you fly, Tucker! Be safe!

  68. Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs

    Burnin off all that mikey dees climbing that hill lmao!!

  69. the heli was showing off how it could fly and you couldnt x’D

  70. im planning a long trip and im not sure if i sould stay above land or past the sealine id like both i just cant land everywhere if i stay above land

  71. Could someone tell me why they wear helmets?

  72. now that was fun. i enjoyed riding the ridge.

  73. lol, you sound more nervous than a hooker in church, your breathing was fast.

  74. Matthew Hawksworth

    dope vid braha

  75. I live in oregon and I see a ton of people where you are haha! Im am soo suprised that there was no wind hahahaha

  76. dimitris KAHRIMANIS

    do you use a base jump canopy for speedflying or some specific kind?

  77. Glad you got to have fun on the wonderful Oregon Coast.

  78. Josรฉ Rodrigues De Oliveira Junior

    Very well, muito bem amigo.

  79. Brian Scarborough

    Tucker, check out this speed flying madness:

  80. rip. I love your videos, you are clearly a great paraglider/paramotor pilot, but it seems like you take a lot of risks. This worries me.

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