Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump. Singapore 2012.

This New Year’s Day, Marina Bay Sands has been chosen as the venue to the largest BASE jumping attempt in Singapore. Seven professional BASE jumpers, participated in this adrenaline pumping display to welcome the New Year.

Behind the Scenes:

Jumpers / POV shots:
Marta Empinotti, James Pouchert, Amanda Vicharelli,
Anne Helliwell, Tim Mattson, Brendon Cork and Jeb Corliss.

Directed & edited by Snow R. Shai
Director of Photography: Yaron Weinstein
Key Grip: Rahim
Grip assist: Syah
Music: ‘3 Towers’ by PowderTree
Photographers: John Heng, Brad.
Production Coordinator: Stephen Mueller.
Produced by Omer Mei-Dan,

Thanks to Singapore and the Marina Bay Sands.


© Extreme Gate Productions / Snowdrum Audio Visual 2012.

48 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump. Singapore 2012.
  1. bucket list item. but would’ve been more awesome if they were wearing wingsuits

  2. Snow, this is Fantastic!! sending my regards from TLV 🙂

  3. Damn, I want to go back ! Loved the city. 🙂 btw, nice editing !

  4. Insane! Great video.
    BTW, that’s a weird building.

  5. Is jeb corliss the one with the helmet?

  6. Просто СУПЕР !!!

  7. you can see jeb at the end. yeah this was a bit boring…

  8. Very courageous.

  9. Vaaau .. Asmurfet! There are no words, some emotions @ _ @ O_O +_+…
    Video Mesmerizing * _ * Great job! Thank you! Creative success to you))

  10. I like it. Congratulations!!! WoW 🙂

  11. I like that…wow

  12. Very Impressing! Proper adrenaline injection !

  13. Jennifer kleinsteuber


  14. Jennifer kleinsteuber

    Base jumping in vietnam. I’m adding to my list of things to do…

  15. Shay, I wish to add my congrats to others ! Like it! 🙂

  16. One word.. Awesome! Good footage of the SG cityscape

  17. Simply AWesome!!!!

  18. Just great!

  19. nuts!

  20. Journeys and Travels

    I just love to to this. Amazing. hahahaha

  21. Fantastic !

  22. Florian Schnippering

    Hi, great Video! I loved it! Could you tell me the name and artist of that song?

    edit: found it, sorry!

  23. It’s awesome! I’ve tried the rope jumping, but I think BASE I’ll trie too)

  24. Really amazing!! Thanks!

  25. amazing

  26. Very nice vid, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  27. awesome video!! so beatiful
    & the music so
    do you know does PowderTree have a website? or where can I get this song?

  28. Très impressionnant ! Et quel saut !

  29. Truly exhilarating! We’ve added your video to the Wego Travel Group and featured today on Wego Australia’s Facebook page Amazing!

  30. wow..totally crazy…
    totalmente fuori di testa….

  31. I love Marina Bay Sands its and amazing building with a great view. This video is thrilling and very well made.

  32. Great video. Perfect!!

  33. (Y)

  34. Really liking the camera work

  35. pablo casals-aguirre

    Amazing film & the jumpers !

  36. This is pretty redic

  37. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
    We just released a behind the scenes clip:


  38. Great stuff. Excellent camera work and music selection. Lots of B-roll really made the piece.

  39. 2:58 that shot!

  40. AVE!!! =)

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  42. A pool a “few” meter over the city… without words

  43. Singapour a bien changé en 20 ans…et quel immeuble ce Marina Bay !
    Chouette vidéo.

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  45. awesome looking

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