Team Freestyle – Lanzarote (isole Canarie)

Team Freestyle having fun in Lanzarote’s (isole Canarie) incredible landscapes. Filmed during 24 flying days, no rain, 21 degres and a sea to jump in, go surfing or kiting

Musica: KlangkarussellEistee aus der Dose

Il canale X-Treme offre fantastiche azioni di sport estremi da tutto il mondo!

16 pensieri su "Team Freestyle – Lanzarote (isole Canarie)
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    very impressive 🙂

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    I think you would never have to land there? Lots of upwinds, looks like?

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    Unreal 😀

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    Apartments for rent Lanzarote

    Sorprendente, great images of Lanzarote

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    Incredible scenery

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    Muito bom mesmoSó para os raros.

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    sehr geil!!

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    Que bonito!! y un placer haber compartido el cielo con vosotros, volved pronto!

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    great video hope you had tons of fun

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    che adrenalina con il vento di lanzarote

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    Lanzarote Information

    Beautiful aerial footage of Lanzarote captured by these freestyle base jumpers

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    Very good video captured on our beautiful island . Great job guys, we share in our social networks.

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    beautiful synchronization between the couple pilots

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