Amazing FreeStyle Paragliding

Flying, is one of the oldest and most popular ambitions in the history of man. The desire to fly like birds is not new. Humanity has always been attracted to the spectacle of the birds soaring through the skies, waving their powerful wings on the cliffs beaten by the storm in winter.

People have been building wings since the famous Icarus of Greek mythology. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first to conduct studies to design an artifact that would allow people and things to descend from the air to the earth without any damage occurring.

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This idea was perfected over time, and its result was the development of tools that are used today for Freestyle Flight, a sport that is defined as the art of flying with the help of a hang glider, which takes advantage of the latest technology and the weather conditions that nature offers, to be able to practice the flight without the need for engines or any other type of propulsion. Freestyle is a very light all-round harness, which meets the needs of ambitious thermal pilots as well as the needs of free style pilots who are keen on acro flying.

Some people are attracted to it because it is beautiful, but to others because it involves a very personal challenge: the desire to fly like birds, in the clear transparent air. It is the freedom and independence of birds, which attracts so many people of all ages and from all parts of the planet to this new and exciting sport.

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If you want to fly to show that you are not afraid of danger, or show your friends that you are capable of doing it, or even just because you envy the birds, do not dedicate yourself to free flight. This sport is only for those who really want to fly, who are willing to start at the beginning, accept the teachings and advice of the instructor and experienced pilots, respect the elements, take proper care of their equipment, be always willing to help and collaborate with other pilots, and above all things be aware of their own limitations, and that thanks to technology and not a natural form or adaptation can fly.

Paragliders and Delta Wings, use energy provided by the sun’s warming in the earth, the force of the wind, the experience and the ability of the pilots to get off a mountain or towing a car, and be able to overcome the thermal up to reach the clouds or travel great distances.

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In most sports it is not necessary for the beginner to have previous experience. However, a good paraglider pilot must have theoretical and practical knowledge of equipment preparation and revision techniques, autonomous and controlled take-off, height flight with control on all three axes, drift corrections, controlled turns of different degrees and inclinations, transit in flight, turbulence, gradients, approach, landing with style and care of your flight equipment; in addition to adequate knowledge on: meteorology applied to free flight, aerology, and not least, the regulations of the federations and or places where it flies.

Amazing FreeStyle Paragliding
Amazing FreeStyle Paragliding

If you want to fly to show that you are not afraid of danger, or show your friends that you are capable of doing it, or even just because you envy the birds, do not dedicate yourself to free flight. This sport is only for those who really want to fly.

Meisabel Laversa
Meisabel Laversa is a full-time writer for Sky Xtreme TV
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    • Interesting! I have a follow cam setup as well, and use some quick disconnects and 8lb string, but am not confident it would break if it got snagged… Do you have a link to the exact string you use? I’d be interested in checking it out!

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