Highline Rope Swing

David Martin, Ruben Pla, and friends set up a highline and rope swing off the coast of Alicante, Spain.

Vacationer “Stay”
Link to buy: http://goo.gl/20qLrl

167 thoughts on “Highline Rope Swing
  1. Woo

  2. First

  3. how do they get back up?

  4. Idk lol

  5. under 301 club

  6. лол 228

  7. Yeah i would like to know x)

  8. Holy crap!!

  9. Viva Alicante! <3

  10. I get that horrible sinking feeling just from watching these guys with the gopro

  11. Like this comment if you like rope swing ! 😉

  12. The video is cool but, look at the time 2:13 min in slow motion and you will see that the climb for a little not took the neck and kill the guy. O video é legal, mas REPAREM em 2 min e 13 seg que a corda do último a pular, quase fez um laço no pescoço do cara enforcando ele. No saltar o braço dele enrosca na corda e por pouco ele quase não morre.

  13. i guess i am going to Spain! lol

  14. that feeling when you can’t even scream 🙂

  15. I hate the new sound youtube makes when you like a comment…

  16. Being someone with a fear of heights… I have no trust in that rope…

  17. Love all of go pros videos. Always happy and positive

  18. isn’t that dangerous as hell???
    but looks really funny 😉

  19. Is it superview? It’s too much wide-angle!

  20. – What would you like with these eggs?

  21. Too many selfies

  22. How do they get back up?

  23. How do they get up after theyve gone on the swing

  24. Is that sketchy andy?

  25. Watching that. Video was a trip

  26. where exactly is this spot? i live there

  27. Awesome 😉

  28. Bronislav Dubszenky

    How do you get back up?

  29. I hate the new sound youtube makes when you dislike a comment

  30. How do they get back up?

  31. Bram van Heijnsbergen

    I want to do it now!

  32. This is so scary and dang so exciting at the same time.

  33. These guys are crazy! Won’t see me trying that!

  34. How they get up there ?

  35. The guy at 1:08 has his carabiners setup incorrectly.

  36. oye my friend disis krazyy

  37. the fact that most of the guys who are swinging are only attached by their belay loop sorta freaks me out.

  38. Gopro gives me sweaty palms and feet.

  39. Gotta Love Crazy People Jumping off Cliffs! Gotta Love GoPro.

  40. So how do they get down? Serious question. Lol

  41. Hombres con cojones….

  42. bellissimo!

  43. That gets my blood flowing.

  44. Quite bad spot for that event.

  45. Дух захватывает! 🙂

  46. Herry skateboarding

    Que feo eres haaaha alicante

  47. 2:11

  48. Definitely not the highest

  49. Круто)

  50. Vaaaamos Alicante! Un poco de España por GoPro

  51. #devinsupertrampcopy

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  53. Ahiiiiií españa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I would not wanna be that first guy jumping

  55. I’d love to think i can do that but

  56. How do they get down?

  57. gopro is gonna account death of upcoming generation

  58. killer view!

  59. Страшно даже стало!

  60. My feet hurt

  61. How did you get back up? 😀

  62. Daniel Rodriguez Ruiz

    jaja, al final lo han subido, grande!

  63. Rodrigo's HDTV [GoPro & Travels]

    this guys are awesome, all GoPro videos are awesome, I feel really free.

    Check my GoPro channel 😉

  64. How did they not get caught the rope with that big of balls?

  65. awesome

  66. GoPro is the best camera to capture one’s final image.

  67. aohohoh a como se te enrolle una en el cuello :S de una se te quitan las ganas de repetirla XD

  68. i was like – oh the background sounds like one of my favorite bands called the vacationer. and it was! i love you gopro!!

  69. Lol

  70. Beautiful location!

  71. Christian Adventure Films

    Wow! That is a little to much of a rush for me! Scott.

  72. Sick

  73. Wait if we are allowed to submit clips, can I send in a POV clip of me crying?

  74. I would love to this! I need a job

  75. Cup of Java Productions

    I’m totally living vicariously!

  76. Brynmag Productions

    Insane. But I like it.

  77. wow

  78. sweeet!

  79. Increible! Como la liais! jajajajaja MUY BUEN VIDEO! Que tengo que hacer para apuntarme a la proxima? 😉
    Un Saludo!

  80. Que buena que se hagan estas cosas en España y no siempre gente de fuera
    GoPro manda! Sois unos maquinas

  81. I dont know if this is near the “Torre del Gerro” or is in the “Cova Tallà”, but it’s near the lighthouse between Denia and Javea

  82. That was sweet. I want to try!!

  83. super extreme !!!

  84. watch my video I just upload guys !!!

  85. I have go pro video

  86. Que puta locura…
    No se si me atreveria…

  87. These stresses on those lines are *really* high, the ones that support across the span and that supported the bungee type jumps. I fear that they weren’t a lot closer to failure than they think they were. That’s how Dan Osman died.

    • yeah but his ropes where quite worn and had experienced quite a few high factor falls from previous jumps, hopefully they are using brand new ropes and wont use them again

  88. nice

  89. At the end we he back flipped he got tangled up I thought so etching going to happen

  90. I love it ! It’s beautiful !!!!!! Very beautiful !!!!

  91. vamos esos GoPro ESPAÑOLES!!!

  92. are these guys completely DE-ranged ????

  93. hahahaha ver funny

    please check my channel out


    (english isnt my 1st language sorry)

    dont forget 2 subcribe

  94. That striped shirt guy seemed to have a moment of clarity…

  95. Check out my short movie ‘Carefree’, filmed with the gopro hero3 and takes you on an adventure on the beach and in the ocean;) /JEReY9Sgn5g

  96. locasos

  97. So…um…how do they get down again?

  98. I mean how do they get back up?

  99. Video of the Day!

    Not the rope swing of your childhood memories, that’s for certain. With David Martin, Ruben Pla and friends.

  100. That rope breaks it’s a wrap.. Back all kinds of broke

  101. the people in that boat down there are probably just wondering what in the blazes is going on

  102. 73 people hate fun

  103. ¿En que parte de Alicante se encuentra esta maravilla?

  104. I’d hate to be the first to jump haha.. this is awesome.

  105. This is where i was born

  106. “This changes everything!” I love this! What a crazy experience! 🙂

  107. Someday I will travel around world with my friend & that day will come .

  108. How do They get baci un

  109. Beautiful

  110. I want to do this so bad.

  111. i reccomend to subscribe this cahnnel

  112. So how are they going to get down. I was expecting a fall lol even tho thats fucked up

  113. con dos cojones!!!! yeeeeah!!!

  114. do you guys use static or dynamic rope for the rope swing

  115. Someone explain how you get down from this

  116. gopro videos make me want to travel the world and do everything i possibly can. to bad school is a motherfucker and i dont have money 🙁

  117. what happen if the rope sinp

  118. boring

  119. Is that supposed to be exciting? Dan Osman stuff is better

  120. gopro put a non fish eye lens in your camars its annoying seeing the fake curvature of yhe earth in background

  121. Nguyễn Hoàng Lộc

    1:16 haha funny

  122. cool

    i wish i had a gopro hero 5

  123. Também quero

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