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French open
Paragliding France Championship 2023

The Paragliding France championship took place from 06 to 11 June in Bourg-Saint-Maurice in the Tarentaise massif (Savoie).
The competition allowed the 100 best French Paragliders to compete over four rounds.

The race principle is simple.

Every day, the one hundred and twenty-one pilots selected (including twenty foreign competitors) take off from the “Fort de la Platte” to wait for the opening of the “Start”.
This is followed by a real air regatta. The route marked by bypass points is recorded in the navigation instruments. The driver who completes the circuit the fastest wins the round.

In total during the four days of competition, the Paragliders will have traveled more
340 km in the heart of the Alpine massifs, in nearly 09h30 of flight.

In the Open general classification (mixed general classification), Jonathan Marin won the title of Champion of France ahead of Lois Goutagny, followed by Pierre Remy.
In the women’s classification, the young prodigy pilot Constance Mettetal (vice world champion of Paragliding 2023) wins the title of champion of France Paragliding ahead of Daphnée Ieropoli, followed by Capucine Déliot.

Final rankings of the 2023 Paragliding France Championships:

Open Ranking:
1-Jonathan Marin
2- Loïs Goutagny
3- Pierre Remy

Women’s ranking:
1-Constance Mettetal
2-Daphnée Ieropoli
3-Capucine Deliot

– The general rankings of the Paragliding France Championship 2023:
– Official website of the event:

Images © Jean-Michel Ara-Somohano – Journalist and Reporter

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