2008 Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

Shot hand-held with my Xacti HD1000 under some pretty bright conditions. Had a hard time trying to stay steady and zoomed most of the time. I started trying to site down the barrel of the camera to get a better idea of where I should point. The screen just couldn’t compete with the strong outdoor lighting.

Edited in Final Cut Express with a moderate amount of correction to some of the camera shake (time to invest in a good plugin).

At about the the 1:28 mark you’ll notice some vapor cones (Prandtl–Glauert singularity) showing up a few times around the body of the F-18 that was flying by at just under the speed of sound. Didn’t notice it till I was editing the footage. 🙂

Music: Borkus – Midnight Metropolis

One thought on “2008 Fort Worth Alliance Air Show
  1. I just bought a Xacti SH1 and went against my instinct of not using a camcorder without a proper viewfinder. I bought a Hoodman and hope that’ll be OK with the sun behind me at the RIAT airshow (UK) this weekend.

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