Exploring Kjerag: Jumps, Flights, Rainbows & Waterfalls

When Alexander first told me about Norway, it was beyond the belief I had in myself that I would experience this magical place first hand. A year or so later and here we are, paying tribute to a lost friend. I went to Norway for Polli, and left with a newfound respect for the BASE community. I was touched by the tight-knit and caring nature, despite the pretence of mocking and banter.

If there is one thing in people I can now read, it’s the faint voice or distraught face of someone about to give bad news. As I returned to UK, I received bad news of another friend. Losing so many close friends, and seeing the irreparable damage done to the families has been a sobering reminder to play with margin. That is why you won’t see me pushing, but cruising. Remember why you started, and don’t lose sight of that. Love the flight for what it really is. See the beauty surrounding us. ENJOY…

Thank you Jonna Klonteig for the 17-way BASE exit footage & the flyby. Thank you Joseph Likierman for giving me a place to stay. Thank you SBK BASE for keeping everyone safe and happy. Thank you everyone who made it for such a special time.

Music: La Danse Des Etoiles – Fakear
Brands: Tonfly, PeekSteep, Ozone

One thought on “Exploring Kjerag: Jumps, Flights, Rainbows & Waterfalls
  1. That was really nice Mr Innes. Really nice 🙂
    Safe flights.

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