What´s it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h? Espen Fadnes – The World’s Fastest Flying Human Being 2010 – teamed up with Project Managers Goovinn to communicate the experience of flying. ”SENSE OF FLYING” came out of the collaboration.

Turn up the volume, experience it, share it: SENSE OF FLYING

Film by: Stavfel Produktion, Goovinn, Espen Fadnes
Idea: Espen Fadnes/Paul Göransson/Lars Idmyr
Wingsuiting: Espen Fadnes
Cameras: Carl Johan Engberg, Paul Göransson, Espen Fadnes, Lars Idmyr, Kjersti Eide
Car driver + helping hand: Even Flo

Special thanks to: The village Flo for hospitality and help.

For project or media related questions, please contact Project Manager Paul Göransson at

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49 thoughts on “SENSE OF FLYING
  1. Extraordinaire, great adventure.

  2. That was amazing. Had me completely hooked from the beginning.

  3. Add to my bucket list

  4. I have joined VIMEO to comment this movie. This is one of my life changers. Now, I know it’s possible. YOU proved that and you completed my dream. Checked! THANK YOU Goovin and ALL THE CREW making this awesome flight and awesome MOVIE! Marcin from Poland.

  5. Thanks Marcin from all of the crew, we’re glad you liked it!

  6. incredible!

  7. fantastic!

  8. Wow!

  9. That was great.. So positive vibes and a sense of freedom 🙂

  10. Fantastico mi chavo!

  11. congratulations … you’re a great !!!!

  12. Outstanding achievement and amazing display of courage and determination. Congratulations for you and your team.

  13. you are AWESOME!! so cool!! i can’t even imagine the adrenaline you have felt… congrats dude!!

  14. Amazing! I am in awe!

  15. great

  16. Unreal NICE!Respect,men!!!!

  17. O-M-G!!!!! This is fantastic!!!!

  18. Leonardo Salgado Moncada

    This video made me cry, this freedom… just it’s beautiful

  19. We loved your video so much we added it to our channel.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Fantastic!!!!!! You are incredible!!
    Love this video!!
    You have Realized the dream of Leonardo da Vinci!

  21. It passes belief!

  22. Quelles sensations sa doit être !!!

  23. this was awesome as well… must feel so free when you are flying like that…

  24. What a feeling…Nice sensations

  25. Thanks so much for this awesome video. Would you mind if I add this to my GoPro tips and tricks page? I have over 10 tips and 4 videos and I would love to add yours. You can see my page here. Let me know! Thanks in advance!

    GoPro Hero HD: Shooting Video & Mounting Tips and Tricks from years of my personal experience as a creative professional. Hope these tips help you take your GoPro experience to the next level.

  26. Wow, that was unbelievable. My heart rate went up just watching it. It must be an unbelievable rush for you. Wonderful filming and editing. I could believe that you were able to land right where you had imagined. Kudos to you and your team.

  27. i need to do this. would you help me out? i would do anything for your help.

  28. Amazing.

  29. Awesome Video. Very Kool.

  30. I am speechless, seriously. Amazing and shared at Thank you for pushing the limits.

  31. Freakin crazy!

  32. excellent video

  33. Hey,
    Amazing film! – the location looks incredible. Great use of static wides – they really convey the speed of the wingsuit!
    Was a great inspiration for making our latest wingsuit films for a UK charity. and the making of:


  35. Inspiring

  36. Amazing

  37. Thank you for sharing such excitation! excellent work

  38. “Go jump off a cliff. Don’t go near the cliff and contemplate jumping off. Don’t read a book about jumping off. Don’t study the art and science of jumping off. Don’t join a support group for jumping off. Don’t write poems about jumping off. Don’t kiss the ass of someone else who jumped off. Just jump.” ~Jed McKenna, ‘Spiritually Incorrect Enlightenment’.

  39. Fantastico

  40. Your video has been selected by our staff, great work!

    Sense of Flying
    #wingsuit video▼
    Whats it like flying down a mountain at 250 km/h?
    by @Goovinn

    “all we do is (really) stunning broadcast of action sports videos for this wonderful world.”
    @hoohbe +hoohbe

  41. Outer calm, inner turmoil; leap of faith

  42. great!

  43. Gripping stuff! Regards from Helen 🙂

  44. Really great!!!

    “GoPro Highlights”

    Please feel free to join this channel.

  45. Fantastic!!!

  46. i’m stone.can u just shut up and fly.

  47. by silver sufer??

  48. Ramona Sandin H.

    Super Excellent video !!

  49. Great video, really captures the moment!

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