Epic Lines – Speedflying with Jamie Lee — Line 7

When most people look at the Swiss Alps, they think about skiing, hiking and mountaineering, generally activities that involve being fastened to the earth in one way or another.

Jamie Lee sees these majestic mountains as a playground and an opportunity to progress the sport of speedflying to places it has yet to go.

Join Jamie Lee as he comes whipping down the sides of glaciers, canyons, waterfalls, and cliff faces in the last of seven insane lines!

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131 thoughts on “Epic Lines – Speedflying with Jamie Lee — Line 7
  1. Yeaaaaaa

  2. first xd

  3. First

  4. Ow

  5. Lol 15 sec ago

  6. 🔥

  7. This must be so much fun and such a thrill at the same time!

  8. wow

  9. Roderick Nieuwenhuijse

    Earlay squad

  10. Roderick Nieuwenhuijse

    Please watch my video

  11. Heeeyyy

  12. like

  13. 0:45 !!!!! NO WAY xD

  14. What would happen if you hit your feet against the earth while speedflying like that

  15. me the entire video: *nope*

  16. Well that’s how people die

  17. WOW!!!!!!

  18. Rocktomcatter27 Games

    Early squad

  19. This video contains something I like to call a whole lotta nope

  20. NICE!!

  21. 0:45 “Dude you should turn a little bit faster if you want to complete the roll…..oh there is a gap between the rocks …well then go there”

  22. Oooh My God
    Amazing Guide

  23. superb

  24. Yo wtf is goin on in his head <.< I saw the clif gap and thougt he gets killed in 3.. 2.. 1..

  25. Как?!


    why do gopro’s lose the signal when it goes underwater???!!!

  27. I made a GoPro ski video from my trip to Utah, check it out!

  28. _грамотно …_

  29. Holy balls that manoeuvre at 0:45 is awesome!
    Now I wanna learn speedflying down mountaintops as well… in The Netherlands -.-

  30. daredevil

  31. WOW.

  32. tem q sofre de distúrbios pra fazer isso

  33. and i thought i was crazy..

  34. I wish there was an exact location in description for videos like this.

  35. I’d like to do the same, if there was mountains here.

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  37. OMG

  38. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!

  39. I love that guy 😀 amazing skill

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  42. you crazy ;D

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  44. damm, u mad bro? lol thats some Gta shi!

  45. this fella is mad. #superstoked

  46. Nice…….👍

  47. palms are sweaty

  48. i made a ski and bike video look at it

  49. Anyone know where this is?? I wanna go there 😍

  50. Станислав Прошкин


  51. “The space between life and death. That’s where we are the most alive.”
    – Floki

  52. holy sh*% that must have been a rush going through that split

  53. that looks like shit ton of fun

    Зачем нам музыка? Так веселее)

  55. WoooooooooW

  56. ffs can someone shoot him with a sniper rifle to make him stop

  57. crazy

  58. this one was even more nuts than the others

  59. they should show the rest I want to see him just chillin

  60. OMG…

  61. Jesus Christ!

  62. Pan Tau is back

  63. Did anyone else shit them self just by seeing this?

  64. Omg

  65. sick

  66. Whoa! That was steep.

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  68. La expresión Argenta sería: Guau!!! –> WOW

  69. I was like alright this is pretty tame then came the valley…

  70. so sick

  71. If that was me I would crash and die

  72. It’s the elytra

  73. Imagine watching this in VR! Please make a speed flying video in VR

  74. It’s got to be my favorite serie on the Gopro channel !

  75. GoPro needs to give this guy a body gimbal

  76. Again, absolutely brilliant.

  77. you’re insane and i love it.

  78. its easy for me everyday I do it in h1z1 😌

  79. Insane 😬😲

  80. COOL…especially when cutting through that narrow gorge/gap. It looked too tight to get through. WELL DONE!!!

  81. From the yell sounds at the very beginning of the video I knew this was the guy from “speed flying through buildings” video

  82. It would be a gruesome scene if he fucked up

  83. verrückte typen

  84. unfinishd line but pretty badass hun

  85. I would shit bricks lol

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  87. that town is wengen right??

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  89. Inline Downhill Vancouver

    0:45 Holy shit, massive skills, massive balls. Amazing work. I may have to retire from inline downhill. Maybe I’ll do this instead. 😀

  90. I’m always on the “team adrenaline” side, trying to justify like “it’s kind of safe” or “you only live once”… well, not this time, I might getting old :/

  91. What’s unfortunate is someone capable of those lines will be a future “In Memory Of.” This is from a former professional extreme sports athlete

  92. The way he controlled himself to go between those two big ass rocks was nerve racking lol

  93. wat … wat?

  94. dope skills

  95. wow

  96. Уж точно не человек .-.


  97. This one is the best speed line

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  99. 😲

  100. Man!! You must get yourself a wife!

  101. Hectic crazy stuff love it what a madman my turn lol

  102. 와 미친놈이네

  103. love it

  104. Иван Дергачёв

    just cause 3

  105. Hello everyone, a week ago I posted my first video and I make great plans with the gopro , so come and see ! Thanks and love to gopro 😉

  106. Я один жду , когда он наебнется ?

  107. shit that is crazy!

  108. shiiiiiit, allover my room now


  110. thumbs up if you love to GoPro!!

  111. Just wait for that Dirt……..

  112. try to breathe while watch this video : FAIL!

  113. Fear!!!!

  114. awesome shit!!!

  115. Amazing

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  117. Haven’t found any funny comment about the size of this guy’s balls! C’mon! HURRY UP, make a joke people!

  118. Damn! That’s life

  119. 👌🏻🔝😱

  120. That was crazy sick bro

  121. That means how to fly

  122. Guys, used Does anybody watch smarter than this result ? laha

  123. He won`t die in bed…

  124. does anyone know how to make an intro like that. I’m referring to the part where it says epic lines and the guy paragliding around it. it looks gnarly

  125. Epic

  126. BobbyBigBunsburnsButter potatoes

    what quality, angle and frames did he shoot in

  127. my white pants are no longer white

  128. His/her iron balls must shoot sparks when they scrape the rocks

  129. Awnsome!!! my next step….

  130. That’s gonna be a no from me dawg

  131. If this gets 2838495 like I will do this

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