Bungee Jumping from the Bridge of Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls, located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, constitute a waterfall of the Zambezi River. They are formed by the vertical plummeting of a peak between 60 and 120 m wide, sculpted by its waters along a basalt plateau. The size of Victoria Falls is almost double that of Niagara Falls, and more than twice the size of the Horseshoe Falls. They only rival the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil.

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Above the falls is the Bridge of Victoria Falls, a parabolic arch bridge made of steel, which crosses the Zambezi River by the Victoria Falls, joining the town of Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) with the nearby Livingstone (Zambia).

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The bridge was a dream of Cecil Rhodes, who in spite of it did not get to visit the falls and died before the construction of the bridge. It was designed by G. S. Hobson and built in England, incredibly this bridge only took 14 months to be built between 1904 and 1905, then it was transferred to Mozambique and from there it was transported to Victoria Falls. Today it is still in use and is widely used by Bungee Jumping practitioners. The bridge over the Zambezi River is a few hundred meters above the Victoria Falls. It unites the two banks of the Zambezi River, it is the connection between two African countries.

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People pull themselves from a platform located about 111 meters above the river. This height promises a free fall of 4 seconds! Does it seem little? It really is enough. Looks a lot like? Then you can try a zip line or Bridge Swing. The zip line is ideal for families with children.

All types of jumps are safe and organized precisely by Victoria Falls Bungee. The company, which has been operating since 1994, has already worked with some 150,000 customers. The Bungee Team is a group of professionals who are good at comforting security and ensuring the client and enjoyment.
The jump in Bungee will leave you fascinated, the people of the bridge are very attentive, cordial and outstanding at all times, very professional and the jump is the best! It is worth the trip, the waterfalls are wonderful and the town is very pictorial and shows the customs of the people of Zimbabwe. Also the contact with nature is unique and first hand, you can share with the monkeys in the hotel gardens and the wild boars in the surroundings.

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It is important to bear an entry visa, you will need to rent water suits when going to the falls since you are very wet, but it will not be a problem because they have an ATM that dispenses in US dollars.
The hotel and the casino are spectacular. You can’t miss the elephant tour and helicopter flight over the falls. Schedule one of these every day and not the same day.

The bridge is located about 2 km south of Livingstone in Zambia. You can take a plane in Lusaka or Johannesburg to Livingstone. Or from Lusaka you can go by bus, the trip takes 16 hours.

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We would recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in history and have a bit of excitement being on the bridge where most people do not see. Not for people with fear of heights!

Last year, actor Will Smith, bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, and filmed the whole experience when he jumped out of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

You have to jump if you’re capable in Bungee of the Zambesi river.

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