HD HERO camera: Base Jump Movie

Shot in 960p (1280×960) HD resolution. 960p is a 4:3 aspect ratio, which means you’re going to see 25% more top/bottom viewing area than you do with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios. Both are killer, but in the case of this base jumping movie, 960p shows more of the cliff as its passing underneath, and more of the scenery above and below. 16:9 would look good, too…just not as immersive.

34 thoughts on “HD HERO camera: Base Jump Movie
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    Awesome footage! HD woot woot!

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    I own 2 GoPro cameras and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! Anymore specs?

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    Phil Campbell - England

    crazy crazy. they look good but they have that cmos issue of making things close up dark.

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    how do they get to the top

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    Can’t Wait, Send me one nowwwwww!

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    look super sick!! i have shot with the go pro but didnt like it bc its not hd… when does the hd wide come out?

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    Awesome! Me wants! ^^

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    The quality is just amazing…! there is not anymore the black point for the sun?!! And the sound seems to be much much better…

    Anyway, I need one!!! Can I pre-order on your website? Because I live in France, so can you deliver here?

    I can’t wait to make some new climbing or paragliding movie with this new cam.

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    oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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    was this video post processed at all? it seems like there was some sort of neutral density or polarizing filter applied to the video; the sky has so much contrast as do the objects and people, it is stunning. how was this accomplished, are there any manual controls to this camera?

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    i probably contribute to like 10 views a day! my dream in life is to one day base jump in Norway, i had the pleasure of enjoying Norway last year, but no jumping…

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    UFFFF !!!!!!

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    holy hell

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    This is impossibly terrifying.. my hands are sweating.
    Kudos to all involved.

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    My jaw hurts from smiling. Awesome vid.

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    totally, totally, TOTALLY rad!!!

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    awesome picutres! what’s the name of the song?

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    Realyy wow! MEGA!

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    What a ride.

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    You fuckers are crazy. Take me along next time.

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    I love my GoPro HD Hero !, used it for mountain biking in the Alps, cant wait until the winter for a snowboarding session !!!!

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    Wow! loved it…

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    Awesome!! cool!!

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    I belive this footage makes me realize that you need some guts to jump from up there… or at least some kind of addiction to some sort of internal hormone like noradrenaline.

    It is amazing footage all of it.
    Be good.

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    Sick video!

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    looks like fun. nice video.

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    Mind-blowing, very good.

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    Amazing filming! The new Go Pro is the coolest cam out there, am hoping to have one to take to Northern Finland this coming January.

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    Amazing ..

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    Lot of screenshots from Kjerag in Norway. Fantastic place!

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    Nice….What happened with guy at 1:15?:) Was he o.k.?

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    is this footage in norway ??

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