Awake )( – Freestyle Paragliding

Stunt paragliding with Team Freestyle in Austria & Italy.
Paragliding by TeamFreestyle
music: Luke Danefield – Deep Water
pilots: tom, bernhard, paul
special guests: chris, jasmin, mario, fridel
cam / cut: paul
locations: Bischling – Werfenweng (Austria), Gaisberg – Salzburg (Austria), Tennengebirge – Werfenweng (Austria),Drautal (Austria), Kössen (Austria), Villgratental (Austria), Ahrntal (Italy)

The X-Treme Channel features awesome extreme sports action from all over the world!

22 thoughts on “Awake )( – Freestyle Paragliding
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    the video is wobbling so much, poor stabilization plugin used

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    Awesome movie.

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    Some shots are incredibly beautiful.

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    Fantastic footage, very well done.

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    bad ass!

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    sweeeet sunset sessions guys! great editing and music, well done!

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    “The best dreams happen when you are awake” – I love that one, so true!

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    Schaut für mich auch so aus.

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    Yeah guys you’re free

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    had to cry cause so beautyful 🙂 !

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    keys are out of sync

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    Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

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    wow awesome images!

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    Good video! Which type of camera is a video filmed? GoPro or other ?

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    awesome to watch so peaceful ,

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    Very very nice ?.

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    Enorme! 🙂

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    Es gibt nichts schöneres als zu fliegen!!!!!!

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