Acro Paragliding 2016 | Cat Acro Team

Jérémy Péclard and David Geiser are flying synchro paragliding together since 2012. The got the bronze medal during 2016 World Aerobatic Paragliding Championships in Annecy, France.

Music: Joka L. – Everest
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8 thoughts on “Acro Paragliding 2016 | Cat Acro Team
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    i love it !!^^

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    coooooL 🙂

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    Ярослав Урбанович

    у меня зависть

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    Magnifique vidéo ça fait rêver !!

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    thank u 4 awesome video.

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    thanks for sharing the cool video!

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    What wind is that ?

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    this is a different perspective of the cat acro team video

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