71 Year Old Grandma First time Bungee Jumping!

You may find it a bit corny, but this moved me to tears and I could not stop sharing this with you.
Most people look forward to the time of retirement to rest and relax after so much effort and dedication to work. But the case of this adorable 71-year-old grandmother is totally different. She launched herself in Bungee for the first time in her life, demonstrating that vitality, resistance and desire, have nothing to do with age. It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams, and the adrenaline of the moment will always be worth the years of waiting.

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Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that consists in making a jump to the void from a considerable height, from bridge, platform or crane, generally with a connection from the ankles to an elastic rope, so watching this adorable 71-year-old grandmother jump is so amazing.

Well, although we always say that there are no limits when practicing sports, the reality is that many companies do have a minimum and maximum age limit, as well as weight. Restrictions imposed by each specific company in accordance with the laws of the country, in order to minimize the risks. For example, some companies require that those over 55 years, submit a medical report to guarantee that they are in physical condition fit to jump.

Apparently, the bungee jump was the unrealized dream of this 71-year-old grandmother, so her grandson, led her to realize that dream. At age 71, and with great energy, this Canadian grandmother, shows us that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams, and also that there are always reasons to take care of our health.

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As expected, everyone present was amazed, seeing a grandmother of 71 years, so determined to make this jump. Of course, she is not the first grandmother who jumps in Bungee, but it is always impressive to see a jovial and daring grandmother, she gives us a sense of freshness before life. Already in 2015, Mary Manssen, 91, decided to do something extreme and that is why she was encouraged to bungee jumping from a bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand. The daring grandmother, mother of seven, with 18 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren, achieved the record of the country’s oldest bungee jumper.

She can define herself as an “all-terrain grandmother” who decided and began to do what she had been postponing for a long time: to practice extreme sports, to enjoy adventure. She is far from spending the afternoon having tea with friends and nights at bingo or taking care of her grandchildren. This grandmother takes advantage of her free time to embark on new and exciting adventures.

Unlike what is usually believed, performing this type of activity at such an advanced age does not bring any kind of complication. On the contrary, staying always active is what revitalizes her and keeps her always in shape. Physical activity, generates a positive impact on the respiratory system, improves heart rate and strengthens muscles, in addition to strengthening the spirit, and improve the mood.

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To practice extreme sports, generates a great amount of emotions and sensations. With each sport, the feeling of adrenaline is like being in another dimension. With the bungee jump, for example, it’s like being flying. The experiences that are accumulating are not only stored in your memory, but also in the photographs that you can enjoy taking in all the trips you make.

So you know, you set the limit!

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