The best 3 min so far!!! Bodyflight Bedford 6 Way.

We met up monday to do three days of 6 way flying. The goal was simply to be creative and make a 3 minute 6 way routine. We all put forward some ideas, and most of it was totally new to us so we spent a lot of time engineering the moves 🙂 The result you can see for yourself!

Flyers: Fabian, Håvard, Killa, Gregor, Markus and Julien.

Thanks for three fantastic days!

20 thoughts on “The best 3 min so far!!! Bodyflight Bedford 6 Way.
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    Leelou Dallas Multipass

    Fucking shit hot Im going to steal that tunnel and ship it back to Australia where we have none 🙂

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    Arrghhhh! That’s some coordination and skill alltogether! I got the “awe” feelin watchin this shit!

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    François de Ribaucourt

    Insane ! Well done !

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    Whoa whoa whoa!

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    No way!!!! This rules!

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    this is like training in Ender’s Game

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    Very well done!

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    VERY impressive gentlemen.

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    amazing skills. just added the video to

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    excellent its up at well done

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    Thanks a lot guys for spreading the madness 🙂 Flying is fun, and possible!

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    Outstanding 🙂

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    AMAZING… song please?

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    Heres another video from a tunnel event we did in Bottrop Germany

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    Bastien ROGER - Réalisateur

    excellent, i did 0 gravity, zerp g flight in florida few month ago, it was huge. ;). this experience should be great too 😉

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