3D Vertigo jumps in Dubai skyscrapers (3D SBS VR Box)

3D Vertigo jumps in Dubai skyscrapers (Google Cardboard – 3D Stereoscopic Glasses)

Feel pure adrenaline in first person with vertigo jumps from the skyscrapers of Dubai.

Format: 3D SBS (Side by Side)

Resolution: 1080p Full HD.

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13 thoughts on “3D Vertigo jumps in Dubai skyscrapers (3D SBS VR Box)
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    Or you can pay five or ten bucks and buy one

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    Darkstar the nightwing

    screw using a stereoscopic aparatous, I’ve had enough experience with autostereograms to do this manually

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    remove the annoying music

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    Comercializadora Hefrib


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    horrible. no 3d at all.

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    Jenny Catalina Lopez Florez


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