250ft Canyon Rope Swing – Bomb Squad

Marshal Miller and Jesse Hall meet up with Calvin Hecker to construct a pendulum rope swing over a 250 foot canyon in Utah.

Stape Mega “Germantown Brown”
Link to buy: http://goo.gl/JL0OqA

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

128 thoughts on “250ft Canyon Rope Swing – Bomb Squad
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  2. GoPro sempre épica!

  3. Now try it with just the umbrella.

  4. simplesmente incrível 

  5. amazing!

  6. 250 drop took like 4 secs.. Crazy 😛

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  15. And I thought my Bike GoPro was awesome

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  18. That’s crazy!!!

  19. Butt-puckering good stuff!

  20. we do this on the weekend all the time

  21. Amazing.

  22. Good to see y’all! So sick! I wish I went! haha

  23. Santiago de Cózar Oliva

    I’m terrified with only watch it

  24. Awesome. Labeled under #whitefolk

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  26. Amazing video!

  27. All that hard work for just 2 minutes and 43 second of video? This video should be at least 30 minutes.

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  29. epic

  30. How much closer to dieing can you get?

  31. Muito Louco.

  32. so sickkkkkkk

  33. 0:57 where can I get a gopro hat like that? 🙂

  34. Why does it say go pro hero 4 when you are using hero 3

  35. You should upload in 60fps.

  36. Wowowoowow muy bueno!!!!

  37. Looks kind of small in comparison to the 400ft Rope Swing of Devin Supertramp…But anyway, good job 🙂

  38. Gotta Love Crazy Guys Jumping off 250 Foot Cliffs and Call it Swinging! Gotta Love GoPro!!

  39. We need the extended cut, set to all the music. Also, rope rigs in all the canyons, because plainly these ropes and the setup time are a tiny investment to make approximately a bajillion amazing videos.

  40. All WHOOHHOOO! Until you end up smeared on the rocks below! Stupid passtime if you think about it!

    • +Khriko Gaming You clearly did not understand what your parents meant by living life to the fullest. Reckless and fullest are not one in the same.

      Your parents, for example, fell in love with one another and must have worked hard to raise you. It could be argued that they lived, or are living, life to the fullest for brining another human being to the world and guiding you into becoming the adult you are today. Otherwise, you would not be here running your mouth. 

      Having fun is great. But if you contribute nothing to society in order to risk your life needlessly you can not argue that you are living life to the fullest. That’s only a sign of recklessness and nothing more. As you get older you will understand that unnecessary risk taking has very little to do with living life to the fullest. Hopefully, you won’t get yourself killed or maimed before you understand that. Good day!  

    • I’d rather live risky than not live at all.

    • ClassyCalaesthetics

      Max has a point, i think we can all see how your parents raised you.. live life to the fullest even if it means death

    • will do 🙂

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  43. Wow!! Wtf!!

  44. Why do they jump with a backpack? Is that some kind of airbags? Don’t tell me it is a chute…?

  45. Lol cool vid

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  47. Crazy

  48. Try bigger umbrella and stronger…

  49. Jimmies

  50. Awesome! Shame about the immense lack of desolate, 250 foot canyons in my country…

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  52. I’ve been asking people to jump with umbrella for years… I’m glad finally somebody did it.


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  56. this looks so much better and safer than bungee jumping, why isn’t this done more?

  57. You guys are crazy 🙂

  58.  extremely dangerous?

  59. second song artist?

  60. this is life

  61. Ángel Defender Light Vlogs

    que peligro! o.O

  62. What is the name of the second song played!!!

  63. Рюкзак то нахера, для понта?!

  64. I’m down

  65. this made me throw up 

  66. this is a WOW to me!  thanks for sharing guys. love it!

  67. It’s too bad the women who came up with the idea, who designed the rigging, and who were the driving force behind this are completely excluded by a couple of tagalongs who joined the project midway through.


  68. Big fail, GoPro.  Give credit where it’s due.

  69. Hmm, according to this blog post, this project was primarily crafted by a women’s group of athletes who support “Drive to Change,” an organization to promote women in the sport, but all the women are edited out of this film except as peripheral (eye candy?) material: https://medium.com/@saraisnyder/that-time-gopro-failed-to-go-big-a1869a8740aa   (Shame on you GoPro)

  70. Way to co-opt someone else’s project. https://medium.com/@saraisnyder/that-time-gopro-failed-to-go-big-a1869a8740aa

  71. What about the girls who actually rigged the rope??

  72. Live life and have fun

  73. Shame on you GoPro for editing out and deliberately excluding the women who originated and were main participants in this endeavor.  You can’t even include their names in the description?  Boo.  https://medium.com/@saraisnyder/that-time-gopro-failed-to-go-big-a1869a8740aa

  74. Woo! Now that takes some guts. It takes a real man to do a jump like that. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough!

  75. Your description is a bit misleading. Here’s a proper edit:

    Heather Falenski invites Mashall Miller and Jesse Hall to help out at her rope jump because she needed an extra vehicle to carry the rope, only to be edited out and made to look like a roping carrying groupie


  76. nothing more annoying than a gopro on a stick

  77. Hey GoPro, how about you include the women in the film next time, the actual people responsible for the whole adventure? https://medium.com/@saraisnyder/that-time-gopro-failed-to-go-big-a1869a8740aa

  78. name of the song?

  79. Please tell me what is the song from the middle to the end of the video

  80. what if you hit the side

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  82. Whats the name of the second song?

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  86. name of the second song ? ♥

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  88. do go pro white edition is appreciate it

  89. Where does one obtain a copy of the music in this video?  I’ve tried all the links to no avail.  

  90. Wow, Mary Poppins has gone hardcore XD

  91. I got a GoPro ad while watching GoPro videos

  92. Dose anyone know what device they are using to descend?

  93. Damn that was awesome

  94. первый прыжок – попытка сделать Мэри Поппинс =) like

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