Tandem Flight in Sopot, BG

Sopot, located in the foothills of Stara Planina is one of the best places to fly in Bulgaria.
The cable lift is running daily and takes you directly to the start. Show up early around 9:30 to find other pilots waiting to go up. Minimum 3 people are required to use it, so plan accordingly.
Sopot offers great flying conditions year-round for beginners and pros alike. Most visited months are April to October, however winter shouldn’t be ruled out. There’s little air traffic and the Cross Country conditions are excellent. The usual routs take you to the west or east of the slopes of Stara Planina. Heading east along the ridge towards the town of Kazanlak offers great sightseeing tour. The flatlands are also very pleasant to explore.
Avoid flying with north winds, and keep an eye on the active military base west of Sopot.

Pilot: Valeri from SkyXtrem
Book your tandem flight or Learn to fly with Sky Xtrem Paragliding
Lift website: Lift Sopot
Lift Facebook: Lift Sopot

Location: 42.6643423, 24.7470115 @ ~560m altitude
Takeoff: 42.687759, 24.749959 @ ~ 1340m altitude

Video Music: Five Seasons – “Paraglider”
Written, produced & performed by Daniel Voss
Taken from the EP “Feel Alive”
With kind permission of LemonGrassMusic

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