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Bavarian Alps – Paragliding in Ruhpolding

Paragliding in Ruhpolding, summer 2018. Nice lifts, beautiful scenery, and refreshingly chilly lake water. Enjoy

Tandem flight from Borovets

Borovets is well known as a skiing and snowboarding destination in Bulgaria, however paragliding is also on the table for the ones that don’t ski or just want to take a day off the slopes. Book a flight Pilot: Kalibatsev Music: Marmoset – Text Me Records / GrandBankss Downloaded from YouTube’s Audio Library

Tandem flight from Sopot Shambhala

Sopot attracts a lot of pilots due to the favorable flying conditions almost year-round. There are plenty of tandem flights daily. This is what a typical flight looks like. It’s about 10 minutes but depending on the arrangement with the pilot and the weather conditions, the experience could last anywhere between 10 minutes to a ...

Base jumping in Arizona (USA) and Twin Falls with Australian Base Jumpers

America… F*ck Yeah!! Some of the sik jumps in Phoenix, Arizona – seriously underratedly awesome this place is. Followed by The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho – a place where the cops stop to make sure your BASE jumping and not on the bridge without a rig. Both places inhabited by total legends with ...

Extreme BASE jumping in Switzerland – Scott Paterson (Aussie)

A small collection of jumps from this years trip to Switzerland. Wingsuit aerials performed from The Eiger, Kandersteg & The Valley (Lauterbrunnan). Parkour inspired BASE jumps performed with a 165m vertical drop, Catpass Gainer and messing around on the railing. Cheers everyone for the crazy jumps and thanks for watching! Jumpers: Daddo, Mavs, Woody, George ...

Wingsuit BASE jumping First Camp at Loen, Norway

Laurent Frat, Espen Fadnes have organized a wingsuit base jumping course in Loen, Norway. This course features significant classroom time that will help arm you with the theory and practical education needed to fly a wingsuit in an alpine environment. Wingsuit BASE is a highly technical and dangerous endeavor that merits intense focus and training. ...

First attempt to Record the Paragliding Flight

Sometimes the world is prettier seen from the sky. Can you imagine what it would be like to paraglide through the skies of Europe? Paragliding for the first time has to be at least exciting. So put on the harness and take the controls: we’re going to sail the skies. Neither fear nor nerves. You ...

The Most Risky and Surprising Bungee Jumps

Bungee Jumping is an extreme sport that involves making a jump to the void from a considerable height, from a bridge, a platform or a crane, usually with a connection from the ankles to an elastic rope, which allows, first, to fall accelerating, then cushions the fall and finally, cause rebounding. It is practiced all ...

Tandem Flight in Sopot, BG

Sopot, located in the foothills of Stara Planina is one of the best places to fly in Bulgaria. The cable lift is running daily and takes you directly to the start. Show up early around 9:30 to find other pilots waiting to go up. Minimum 3 people are required to use it, so plan accordingly. ...

A Flight In The ‘Canada 150’ Otter

Harbour Air Seaplanes has one of their Single Otter with a beautiful paint scheme livery in celebration of Canada’s 150 Birthday this year (2017). I managed to snag a ride with Max in the cockpit.

Chopper flight over San Francisco

Chopper flight over San Francisco is a pretty sighting. The city shines

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2800m above Moustier Sainte Marie!

Some other flights in Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol.

Images mainly in flight around the Tournette which dominates Lake Annecy. Driver: Philippe Sicardi

The Zwölferkogel is a great summit for top landing but only if there’s enough snow on it. So ...

Grünau im Almtal is a nice spot for flying. You can visit Zwillingskogel, Hochsalm and Hörlang as well.

Thurnhamberg is a nice flying site. You can visit Kremsmauer from threre. But you have to read the ...

Tracklog animation:

Tracklog animation:

Tracklog animation:

A paraglider flight at a local mountain in Trondheim, Norway. Moist air from the sea condensates and creates ...