Jim rides the Second Longest in the World!

Jim rides the Monster zip line, the world’s second-longest zip line and sadly he wasn’t happy.

The Monster in Toro Verde won the Guinness World Record as the longest zipline in the world, after its inauguration in March 2016. A record that was surpassed a year later by the UAE in a project developed by the same company that The Monster did in Orocovis and invested $ 2,500 million

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Toro Verde is the ecotourism park where you will spend endless hours of adventure. You will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes that will leave you breathless, and you can do extreme sports in direct contact with nature. If you are one of those who like to feel that rush of adrenaline and excitement, this is the place for you.

Toro Verde Adventure Park, located in Orocovis (in the middle of Puerto Rico), is a large park that offers a number of different zip lines and rope challenge courses. The park has two lay-down type zip lines, The Beast and The Monster. The Beast is long (a little under a mile) and fast, but it is dwarfed by The Monster, which is more than and mile and a half long.

Toro Verde is a bit of a drive from San Juan, or almost anywhere, for that matter, since it is in the middle of the island! Once you arrive, you sign in, complete the waiver, and that sort of stuff. Then you hang out until your scheduled tour. That’s a good time to grab a quick snack at the café, or use the restroom. You won’t get those options again until your tour is over. There is also a full-service restaurant and gift shop in the main building. You can rent a Go-Pro at the gift shop if you want, to video your whole flight.

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We have been on a bunch of different zip lines, both in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world. We enjoy zip lines, but time spent waiting in line and clipping on/off of a series of short zip lines dilutes the excitement of flying through the air. If you feel the same way, then The Monster at Toro Verde is for you. At 1.57 miles long, it takes more than 2 minutes to go from end to end. It was the longest in the world until February 2018. It is a lay-down type of zip line, so all the while you are “flying” over beautiful terrain.

The Monster has attracted the attention of great characters from the world of the show, in 2017 the Puerto Rican singer Chayanne visited the facilities and of course, like a good bullfighter, he could not contain the desire to throw himself in the popular zip line of Toro Verde Park.

“Enjoying Puerto Rico and its mountains #familia #toroverde #miisla”, the dancer also wrote on his social networks, who accompanied the message of several images.

Screenshotter PuertoRicosMonsterZipLineSecondLongestintheWorld 2’49”

Also, a few weeks ago, the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, also visited Toro Verde, and even terrified managed to conquer The Monster.

So, although Jim has not enjoyed the experience 100%, there are many other testimonies that invite you to live the adventure of conquering the second largest Zipline in the world!

Jim rides the Second Longest in the World!
Jim rides the Second Longest in the World!

Jim rides the Monster zip line, the world's second-longest zip line and sadly he wasn't happy.

Meisabel Laversa
Meisabel Laversa is a full-time writer for Sky Xtreme TV
40 thoughts on “Jim rides the Second Longest in the World!
  1. Mi pueblito querido.😍Saludos desde Orocovis, PR.

  2. christopher oldfield

    This looks EPICCCCC!!

  3. Wow—it looked like you were flying over those mountains! How lovely! Sheesh though, ziplines are so pricey. I need to buy a ziplining business and retire early.

  4. I hardly understood any of what the rigger was saying.

    • You’re not alone. Puerto Rican Spanish takes awhile to get used to! Thanks for watching. -Jim

  5. If I’m not mistaken that’s where jimmy Fallon filmed his episode where he went zip lining

    • Misty Edwards 😆 I don’t blame you. It’s a rush, that’s for sure!

    • I couldn’t turn down the opportunity if I was there but I’m not going to lie I would be afraid. Lol

    • That’s right, Misty! This is the place. We actually went there before him, but are just getting the video out now. Would you ride it? ¡Saludos! -Jim

  6. Una experiencia bonita, pero no tendría el ánimo de hacerlo….

  7. Going here this spring 😬

  8. Im soo afraid of heights!

    • Then this definitely isn’t the rise for you! May didn’t want to do it either. 😅 ¡Saludos! -Jim

  9. $150??

  10. Wow…me gusta este zipline…
    That’s was so amazing..

  11. Overpriced but oh it looked like fun!

    • Agreed. It was fun, and it’s located in a part of PR that’s covered in trees and mountains. Thanks for watching! -Jim

  12. Your Dad would have freaked if he would have been there! Ok I might have too! I don’t think you made it to the end because you aren’t “Large”! Lol Keep up the good work!

    • CandyOh1 😂 I’m sure he would have. Could have been the wind too keeping me from making it to the end. Thanks for watching! 😊

  13. $150 at what all did you give that it seems overpriced.

    • Remember Puerto Rico is part of the USA and the wages, insurances , cost of living etc is in dollars not Dominican or Mexican pesos. But is true , is overpriced.

    • +Spanish and Go I did an Excursion in Dominican Republic for $65. We did horseback riding, zip lining and waterfalls… All DAY event

    • 20applewhite agreed. The one in Mexico’s Copper Canyon costs less than half that. Thanks for watching! -Jim

  14. Michael Abercrombie

    yessir just sign this waiver here in case you die….

  15. You were flying! You know you loved it!

  16. Tangerine Travels

    Do you think it would be more worth it if the wind wasn’t going against you? The views look AMAZING, but that had to be a huge drag (heh..) that someone had to come pull you back in at the end.. especially with that price tag, yowza!

    • Yeah, I think it would have been cooler had the wind been on my side. Pretty anticlimactic to have some have to drag me back to the end of it. Jimmy Fallon just did it and it looked like he made it all the way to the end. But yeah…$150 is not cheap! -Jim

  17. 👍

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