Beautiful First Time Skydiving!

Every day, more and more people make their first Skydiving flight, and in most cases, I assure you it will not be their last.

Skydiving has gained more popularity and more and more people are joining this extreme sport. While some wish to experience the exhilarating experience of Skydiving in tandem, others, lovers of adventure sports, want to start practicing this sport as athletes. Regardless of the purpose, everyone has to go through the same energy: one that only the first skydiving offers.


In this opportunity, we will share Brandon’s experience in Toronto, who made his first jump for his birthday, and described it as the most beautiful and exciting experience of his life.

What does it feel like to skydiving for the first time? “Skydiving has this amazing way of feeling completely different to the notions of most people, and even more the experience is different for each person. the landing zone saying things like: “That was not how I thought it would be. It was much better! “Or” I had no idea how much freedom and beauty I would feel in free fall! “It’s hard to completely describe the experience of skydiving.


Skydiving is like flying. The climb to the jump point usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. When he flies on the plane, he realizes the reality of his decision and the weight of his decision is installed. The nerves are taking over one. It’s scary, and yet it’s so satisfying at the same time. You can enjoy the white of the clouds, the immensity of the horizon, and the incredible landscape of the region. Once the door is opened, a gust of cold wind fills the plane and the heart accelerates. Seeing someone jump through the door right in front is amazing: they are there at the door for a second and then they are just gone. It happens so fast that you do not have time to process anything. Your instructor will tell you to move towards the door. Once you reach the door, you can see down and you will see the ground thousands of meters away. It is really different from what people imagine. It’s not like being on the edge of a building or on a staircase.


The passion for this sport starts with the Tandem Jump. Through a double harness system two people can jump together. This variant of traditional parachute has allowed practically any person to qualify to make the jump, of course accompanied by an instructor who is responsible for doing all the maneuvers.
If you’re still not sure if you should jump by parachute, maybe this video will convince you to do it and put aside your fears and all those thoughts that get in the way of you doing it.

Beautiful First Time Skydiving!
Beautiful First Time Skydiving!

Every day, more and more people make their first Skydiving flight, and in most cases, I assure you it will not be their last.

Meisabel Laversa
Meisabel Laversa is a full-time writer for Sky Xtreme TV
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