Speedflying in Canada con gli artificieri

The Bomb Squad goes to Canada in search for an epic line to send.

Open Your Eyes” (x BeCome)

71 Thoughts on"Speedflying in Canada con gli artificieri
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  5. Путін хуйло

  6. ชื่อพัฒ เห็ดเมา

    เม้น 3 I Thailand

  7. Seventh lol

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  9. Олександр Ишков


  10. 10 ter

  11. sì, the life everyone would love to live! 😉

  12. DOPE!!!

  13. And here I am going down the bunny slopes without falling thinking I did pretty good.

  14. OMG

  15. Who wishes they could be him rn. Stuck in school🙄

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  17. why likes this video like this comment??

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  21. Whats the name of that Song?? Btw, awesome Clip 🙏😎

  22. bad song 🙁

  23. Awwe yeah!!!

  24. Uomo impressionante!

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  26. Saludos de Chile

  27. Вася Коротков

    nice song

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  30. I really want to do that one day, it seems so fun.

  31. simpatico

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  33. wow it was amazing…………now i need GoPro very badly…………..

  34. Canzone

  35. *SONG????*

  36. I WANT TO DO THAT!!!!! ☆▪☆

  37. wow that was some riveting comentary

  38. Bello!😍

  39. I absolutely love this! I skydive on the reg, but have obviously never hit speeds like that under canopy, it’s crazy! but I feel as though it’s on my F**KIT list fo show! Great vid, make more!

  40. I love go-to best video camera ever best

  41. I liked speedflying with jamie lee more

  42. só eu q não tenho uma gopro :((

  43. Where they get these GoPro wings?

  44. Definitely top 5 most insane GoPro vids I’ve ever seen :O

  45. saluden

  46. Вот это реально круто! И полетал и покатался!😉

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  49. Best skiing video I’ve seen in a while

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  51. i really want to do this in steep

  52. i want a gopro camera!!!((

  53. your profile pic

  54. Bello

  55. And again gopro delivers the finestawesome edit!!

  56. Beau projet, sites magnifiques, météo parfaite, mais les séquences en selfie sont très désagréables à regarder du fait de l’enchaînement rapide des importantes distorsions d’image liées à la trop faible focale.

  57. I want to do this on my birthday too

  58. crazy people)

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  60. Another sick video! Incredible.

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  62. Are the headcam shots done in Superview or just wide? Always wonder about that

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    Yeah ! Bellissimo !

  64. i’m here for the funny noises ppl make after doing crazy shit!

  65. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. so fun I wish there 😕😕

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  68. C sa qu’on AIME!!!!!

  69. Where can i find this song

  70. Damn I was already impressed then you guys started doing barrel rolls ffs that looks so fun

  71. Hi guys, where is this? Would love to fly those lines..

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