Paraglider Goat Flyby by Marshall Miller

Paragliding from Mt. Timpanogos & a Goat flyby!
Nice little spring flight by Marshall Miller. Conditions were smooth and the goats were out.

Musica: Ian Brown, Set my baby free

Il canale X-Treme offre fantastiche azioni di sport estremi da tutto il mondo!

12 pensieri su "Paraglider Goat Flyby by Marshall Miller
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    sounds like the song was made with floppy drive readers, sick video tho!

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    wow sick video!

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    He just wanted to befriend the goat =(.. awesome video though!

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    One reason more to move to UT! Thanks for upload, looks great!

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    Goat herding to the extreme!

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    Goats like having a heart attack

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    i only wish

  8. Avatar

    You could take that goat 😀 Maybe she’d like to fly too. Who knows what goats dream about.. ;D

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    Great Video, love this mountain.

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    Goat-pro bomb squad.

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    nice soundrack i will stole it for my next video 🙂

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    It`s amazing that this goat thinks it`s better to be in the middle of big nothing up there than being 1000 meters lower where there is food and maybe some goat girls, too 🙂

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