Dream Jump – Dubai 4K

What sounds like a nightmare for most is still a dream for others; to BASE jump off the world’s second highest residential structure with the most qualified athletes in the world.

SkydiveDubai and XDubai have partnered with DreamJump to bring dreams to extreme reality when they opened the opportunity for limited people from the public to jump using the DreamJump System.

In addition to the dream jumps, a total of 558 BASE Jumps occurred in a matter of just a few days off the Princess Tower in the heart of the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Film has partnered alongside SkydiveDubai and XDubai to bring the fear, adrenaline, laughter, excitement, and joy for you to enjoy.

Music Credits:
Ninja Tracks: Collider
Ninja Tracks: Eon

611 thoughts on “Dream Jump – Dubai 4K
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    just AWESOME!

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    Incredible video!

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    this is dubai .. the city for everything and everyone ☝?

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    With each jumb I feel a limp in my leg not for me

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    Lol that laugh at the end makes it even better 🙂

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    They must have the coolest profile pictures

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    1:46 That guy tracking towards the building… OMG Oo

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    Ok its at 500 views when I wrote this….ive probably viewed it 50 of those times! Way too cool!

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    And they’re laughing like kids! Awesome!

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    Who cares about 4k.. 60 fps is what MAKES these types of videos now adays. The quality of the video isn’t as important due to the fact that 60 FPS gives you REAL-TIME immersion.

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      +Hermes4ndMind Benq Freesync 27” aka the XL2730z

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      +Kudo So.. What’s the model name of your monitors?
      4k 144Hz panels don’t exist right now. We’re just seeing 1440p 144Hz being released as of T1 2015.
      It’s like me saying I own a 24 cores CPU…

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      +3Dos Thank you for being mature enough to have a genuine discussion with, that’s really rare on youtube these days 😉

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      +Kudo +Joey28P Thanks for the info. I tested on chrome and firefox (to have 1080p on each one and compare properly because 60fps does not seem to be supported on FF) and I actually perceived the difference :’) BTW I didn’t know only chrome supported the 60fps formats.

      Thank you for not being a troll.

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      +Kudo What if I told you exists videos on YouTube that are 4K AND 60FPS?


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    CjuGames - Let's Plays & Walkthroughs

    Sick. Great video.

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    This looks incredible.

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    Needs more idiots dying.

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    Wow that guy tracking towards the building at 1:45

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      +ThePhaaze yeah but in the event of an off heading opening I’d like to at least have a little time to attempt to react

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      +ThePhaaze Touche…the camera had an unfortunately timed pan, so quite a few frames of his descent are effectively blacked out. I agree, at that speed, it does look very controlled, but it still makes me clench….

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      Qualified athletes is still a human and a human makes mistakes, even if you are considerd the world best skydiver, you can die in seconds…

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      +RaDeN Legends Watch it again with 0,25x Speed. There is no panic, he’s completely calm. They are qualified athletes after all 🙂

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      +Ryan Hicks Someone already said it, but yeah I think I saw some panic too, with his arms….Like, OH shit there is a building.

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    1:38 spiderman

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    Zazdrosze. Super!

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    Yeah, I’d do that NEVER

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    That looks like so much fun!

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    Epic Music, Great!

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    Up to 1:58 I thought they all gonna die.

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    ultra havy

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    Honestly i’m fine with jumping 3 , sometimes 4 steps before the bottom of the stairs.

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    Is this a one time promotional thing or an ongoing attraction? I’d love to jump there some day.

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    S I C K ! 😀

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    Jesus Christ!

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    No thanks. I choose life.

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    I would do that in a instant!

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    What’s that sky harness thing? A bungee rope attached to a Base jumper?

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    I get vertigo watching videos like this. I dont think I can do it

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    Woh we go again wo hah ha haah!

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    Es un buen video lo recomiendo

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    Man, to hang from that ledge, and not re-enact the end fire scene from Backdraft, “Let me go, bull” – “You go, we go” was a real missed opportunity.

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    I do hope those folks down below have car insurance…

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    I’m that type of person to say it’s awesome and it would be fun to do until I get on that “bridge” and look down…

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    White people always doing some crazy shit.

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    Let me never put this on my bucket list lol.

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    Adrenaline is limited.

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    1:26 Batman POV
    1:28 Batman victim POV

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    Palms are sweaty

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    Looks terrifying, but fun.

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    Awesome video! I have been living in that building!

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    that’s amazing

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    My hands are so sweaty now ahhhhhhh

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    my feet are sweating

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    I’ve watched this 3 times….lol I wanna go right now

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    I wish i could do this

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    Please tell me I can sign up!

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      +kozzie Unfortunately this is not open for sign up – stay tuned on our pages for all of Jetman’s latest news.

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    does anyone knows why some parts of Dubai-s buildings has such a huge fog or clouds

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    I would pay too much money to do this

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    that laugh at the end is the definition of adrenaline junkie holy shit

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    I WANT TO DO THIS! How amazing! (Well, except for the reality of the situation: gravity; but you know…)

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    holy shit this is scary.. i get the weirdest feeling in my stomach and legs watching this video

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    Seriously……what the hell is wrong with white people?

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    Fuck that lol

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    So if you live in that building you have crazy people roaring by your windows the entire day? 😀

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    I threw up a little in my mouth.

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    Oh yeah, looks totally awesome. Except for that stupid fuckin fisheye bullshit that GoPro uses. Makes everything look twice as fast.

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    what happened to the guy drifting towards the building?

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    marc-andré denault

    This is totally Unreal! Wooow amazing!

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    Tired of these stupid “viral” videos. Do something for the people and stop to do advertisement of lifestyle. Anyone needs need this on his life.

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    Washing Machine Ka Bhoot

    Nice video, bad choice of music.

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    Дмитрий Горбачев


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    1:46 – it looks like the guy is going to hit the building

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    David Raposo Buzón

    Jolín, el vídeo me ha puesto de los nervios XD

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    Виталий Спасатель

    Просто русский комментарий, листай дальше)))

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    Виталий Спасатель

    1:45 он в балкон залетел?

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    1:27 Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last? That’s right, Matrix! You did!…… I LIED!!!

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    Is there more footage of the guy in the wheelchair at 1:12?

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    that last laugh almost made the video silly

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    Funny how I don’t have a problem with skydiving out of an airplane, but the thought of doing this somehow makes me queasy.

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    Redbull is everywhere! hahaha

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    faut essayer sa une foie dans sa vie!

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    I have never liked any base jump videos till date but I dont know why I liked it soo far that I thought to show it to my mom who is having vertigo problem and she seen the video too!!!

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    2160p? that’s just excessive.

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    +Andreea Oprea , nut enough? 😉

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    Hayko Cepkinden gelenler .)

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    Maaax!!! :O this is awesome!!!

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    I have always wanted to try this but what if the parachute doesn’t open?

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    Lucky dogs, signed night base 67

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    I bet half of these guys’ name is Chad

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    Do I win anything for being 445,000 viewer?

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    Do it without a parachute and I’ll be impressed.

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    oh my god

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    (Mental patients at play)…

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    Why are none of these people who jump off this shit or climb up these buildings not even remotely strong looking?

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    i don’t feel my legs :$

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    Ok +Steve Sherron and +Allyn Hane let’s get some 4k vid of y’all doing this one!

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    Why do they wear a helmet? :/ Will it make any difference?

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      +dafebeme2 even to put the go pro XD

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      you wear a helmet because you can trip up when you land or get you chute snagged when landing and still get hurt really bad on a pavement or something so it still worthwhile to have a helmet on

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    Incrível, meu medo maior seria bater no prédio na queda DD:

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    A co tam Yebne sobie 4k 😀

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    That’s Fucking awesomeeeee

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    Why do they need helmets?

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    these guys got nothing on Mustang Wanted

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    i was the 100Th person off that ramp



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    Would you do this?

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    DeathbliZZerd The Gamer

    Absolute CRAZY!!

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    this shit had my stomach twisted up just watchin it lol

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    palms sweaty

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    lol that guy at the end tho
    “we do again”

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    Иван Иванов


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    nothing is to extreme for the Dubai sky divers

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    ohhhhhh ¡¡¡¡ increible¡¡¡

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    I couldn’t sit through the entire thing #shudder

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    I’m sure their enormous balls touched the ground 30 seconds before their feet did.

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    Where are all the Russians? I’m confused.

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    Suyai Rebeca Trenquin Alucema

    Que bknn aunke yo no podría

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    Must watch this on a big screen #basejump

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    I wanna do this

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    Opie Nardi Paradisia

    Kereeeen mamennttt….

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    The helmets always make me laugh..safety first I guess..gr8 vid tho

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    Just WOW!!

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    What an amazing way to live life

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    Now do it from the tallest building.

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    surakit chansomboon


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    so sick!!

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    oh shet, ultimate chokeslam to hell lol

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    The Fittest Blogger

    wow 1:45 …lucky ass dude

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    Can’t say anyone who does this is not a complete daredevil. Takes someone who would do this with no one watching to really get into that sport. No phonys there.

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    Uh uh, Nope. *Sits on ground to finish watching*

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    1:30 please don’t tell me I’ll hit the ground before I get up and get out the parachute 🙂

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    should be fun to jump after coffee every morning living there.

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    That’s sick! 😀

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    Am I the only one who won’t mind watching it in only 1080p if it was 60fps?

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      +dreadlink Like this is 4K, which I think is too much. What I prefer is the 60 fps formats instead. Anything around 1080p in 60fps just looks awesome. And GoPros can already do that.

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      +udip21 i don’t understand your question

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    Hello, my name is Natalia Szewczak. I’am journalist from Polish news-television TVN24 Biznes i Świat. Can we use your video for free? Thank you in advance. Best regards.

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      ” I’am” Dobry angielski teraz widac jakich debili tam przyjmuja 😀

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      +lordmasterization If you’re referring to the fact that XDubai responded, yeah. Shit. I was surprised. There are more than 3 million views. Then I checked the comments. Only 600. Now it’s a little more believable.

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      +MaxDG1013 OH SNAP

    • Avatar

      Hi +Natalia Szewczak, for any requests for online usage, the Dream Jump video is only allowed to be embedded from it’s original source which is our YouTube channel. We do not give permission for usage in any other way. Thanks!

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    Christ. Aren’t they worried about hitting the building?

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    whats so great about that its just a jump from a building, isnt jumping from a plane more exciting?

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    God I wish I had the balls to do this.

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    Pretty sick!

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    Жрец Цукиеми

    Шикарное видео. Молодцы!

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    Станислав Барулин

    Я тоже так хочуууу! Интересно сколько стоит сие удовольствие?!

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    Прыгали то вон сколько, а приземлились только двое.

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    fukin sic vid

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    Maybe a stupid question, but what’s to keep them from hitting the side of the building?

  150. Avatar

    @1:45 what’s the story there??

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    Japorikiskiswa Cruz

    a surprised gust of wind should be lethal with this kind of jump.

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    Wtf 1:45 tracking

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    Это охрененно.

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    Олександр Біловус

    WOW, I was scared!

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    Карен Фарманян


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    i wanna try this soo bad

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    Как в Сан Андрес!

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    Is it GTA6?

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    За 20 лет Дубай построили на пустыне. В России ничего не изменилось за эти годы!

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    Awesome !

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    Весёлая у людей жизнь

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    Yo quierooooooo !

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    The last guy. Remind you of Saints Row 3?

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    I felt the adrenaline watching. I can only imagine, how was that in reality

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    Super puper

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    You guys can jump off the tower like that without using a parachute but only once.

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    I would shit myself! No way in hell I’m doing this at all.

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    It is horrible this is in a Death Cult country. What a shame.

  171. Avatar

    would be hilarious if the parachute didnt open

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    Christian Carreras

    “We go again, Weehaa hahaha” Sounds like a crazy but fun hahaha

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    I have a hard enough time standing near windows from high up.

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    Scary, very scary

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    Windows 10 Ultra Quality 4k Wallpapers

    Wow !!! great, just amazing………….

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    There is a guy in A WHEELCHAIR getting ready to jump at 1:14. Wow!

  178. Avatar

    What if they hit the side of the building? :O

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    no amount of money on earth would get me to do that!!! jeeeeesus!

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    Milovan Zdravkovic


  182. Avatar

    I think it is OK for me to watch but I don’t even have the desire to ride the elvator that high.

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    Любовь Кириченко-Чадова

    Супер!!! Я бы тоже прыгнула – это не то что параплан!!))

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    would be so awesome!!

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    I was shitting my self just watching that

  186. Avatar

    horrible production, show a zip from start to finish, clips become repetitive.

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    husain alshareef


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  189. Avatar

    Remember kids, when jumping from a building, always wear your helmet. You might get hurt otherwise. XD

  190. Avatar

    I’m guessing they charge a lot of money to let you jump off of that?

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    Sieht sehr geil aus und gänsehaut versprechent

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    Stunting does not make a man… Why don’t they join the air force and do some good somewhere if they must fly.

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    Complete scene 0:59 ?

  195. Avatar

    Somebody hire that last guy to play the joker…

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    I personally don’t know how they have time to open the parachute with those balls of steel weighing them down

  197. Avatar

    This reminds me of GTA where we find the highest building to jump off just to parachute.

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    This is freaking awesome.

  199. Avatar

    Seeing in 4k= faking awesome

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    My balls were tingling as if i was falling

  201. Avatar

    Take the leaf.

  202. Avatar

    Klass! ))

  203. Avatar

    1:46 Was the guy okay?

  204. Avatar

    What happens if the parachute didn’t work? Is there a plan B?

  205. Avatar

    Not in a million years!

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    владимир огулев

    там вроде один чувак прямо в дом залетел

  208. Avatar

    Ok, so. Peoples hands get sweaty watching this kind of stuff. Am I the only one with my feet getting sweaty?

  209. Avatar

    GTA feelings at 1:50

  210. Avatar

    Damn I felt that in my gonads.

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    Jisella Manciano

    Omg your fucking crazy, my knees just buckled omg

  212. Avatar
    Jisella Manciano

    You guys have guts

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    Marzenie ;c

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    Alejandro TorMar

    Yo NI LOCO haría eso….

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    I’m not afraid of heights but man i get a little scared just watching these guys. These guys have balls of steel!!! Amazing

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    Ssupakron Sangkaew


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    ЭХ, МАЖОРЫ)))

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    WOW! WOW!

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    Que huevos!

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    Wold best country wow

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    Dubai-Don’t forget to bring your rich family and friends.

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    если вы такого же мнения кидайте 41001405906733 на янд кошель рубль
    и я куплю на него пивка

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    I’m getting vertigo from watching this

  227. Avatar

    wahnsinn 🙂

  228. Avatar

    Only pussies use parachutes

  229. Avatar

    1:12 leap of faith x3

  230. Avatar

    Cliff jumps

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    That’s so cool i gonna do that

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    username ••••••••


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    +Amber Forward looks like your sorta thing

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    i c’ant jump from 10 ft

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    dobrzy jesteście

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  241. Avatar

    ehh its a shame but their 4k seems not very good on other videos i was able to see much more details
    but still made my palms sweat

  242. Avatar

    I fail to jump of 5ft walls. I’ll take a miss thanks.

  243. Avatar

    What this song?

  244. Avatar

    1:40 this is “Whatever” NICE!

  245. Avatar


    If you think Joe Weller should do WWE to his ex girlfriends from the top of this!!!!

  246. Avatar


    If you think Joe Weller should do WWE to his ex girlfriends from the top of this!!!!

  247. Avatar

    That laugh at the end tho

  248. Avatar

    It’s ok but I can fly so ?

  249. Avatar

    1:38 satanic hand gesture…. good job red bull

  250. Avatar

    We are going again… WTF u crazy 😀

  251. Avatar

    Predzej bym klocka zrobil jak mialbym skonczyc z tak wysoka

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    Ali Abdullah Raza

    my dream

  253. Avatar

    Look at all the things only money can buy. Good thing I’m broke as fuck.

  254. Avatar

    Crazy white folk

  255. Avatar

    crazy white people :p jk

  256. Avatar

    This video is alternative definition of MADNESS

  257. Avatar

  258. Avatar


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    Balls. They got ’em!

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    You are crazy, men.

  262. Avatar

    AND…. This is why Aliens don’t visit us…

  263. Avatar

    Crazy ass white boys!!!!

  264. Avatar

    super cool awesome

  265. Avatar

    This is why I work out at home and have a job working on trains.

  266. Avatar

    That would be amazing to do hopefully one day.

  267. Avatar

    Oh hell no !

  268. Avatar

    This would be great to watch in 4k… IF I HAD A 4K MONITOR

  269. Avatar
    Андрей Краснопёров

    You are awesome!!!!!

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  271. Avatar
    никита ппп

    аш дух захватывает.

  272. Avatar

    whats with the guy from 1:40???
    …. the wall was close to him…..

  273. Avatar

    OMG now I know for sure Im a coward to jumping

  274. Avatar

    Tats so freakishly cool 🙂 🙂

  275. Avatar

    Impressionnant !

  276. Avatar

    too bad i have to watch it in 4k to have a decent picture on a 1080p panel. Based youtube compression

  277. Avatar

    crazy ppl

  278. Avatar

    Man I wish I could be apart of that. They’re having the time of their lives.

  279. Avatar

    What happened to the guy at 1:45? I assume he didn’t crash.

  280. Avatar

    These guys are realy crazy ……..amazing

  281. Avatar

    Insane! I got goose bumps

  282. Avatar

    That looks so fun

  283. Avatar

    WOW you are crazys guys!

  284. Avatar

    Skydiving Babylon

  285. Avatar
    Владимир Журавлев

    Аж мурашки по коже!
    Already goosebumps!

  286. Avatar

    Ahhhhhhh!!! I LOVE IT!

  287. Avatar

    id never come close to doing something like that. i get nervous just watching

  288. Avatar

    no way-WAY.

  289. Avatar

    I’ll pass.

  290. Avatar

    I so want to do that

  291. Avatar

    what do they do for living? I mean, if I work I cant enjoy doint it, if I dont work, where do i get the money?

  292. Avatar
    Николай Романович

    да, прикольно!!!!!

  293. Avatar

    Аж дух захватывает!

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  296. Avatar

    wow wie krass ist das!

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  298. Avatar

    I’d do it. Not quiet sure if I’d survive the heart failure or the crash down to earth but yeah I’ll do it.

  299. Avatar

    OMG! Its Carzy

  300. Avatar

    Wow thats is amazing and scary i always had a issue with heights

  301. Avatar

    I’d so fucking do this. Sign me up!

  302. Avatar

    This is something I wish I could try at home.

  303. Avatar

    I’ve skydived from 18k feet and this looks insane to me!

  304. Avatar

    the only scary thing is what if you hit the bulding

  305. Avatar

    Please Don’t Try This Without A Helmet.

  306. Avatar

    Algún día me tocara (?) xD

  307. Avatar

    бляяяяяяяя живут же люди

  308. Avatar

    Круто !!!

  309. Avatar

    The rulers of Dubai are very clever for thinking outside the box and instead of outlawing base jumping off skyscrapers, they have instead turned this kind of base jumping into a cultural phenomenon in Dubai. This is a brilliant marketing initiative because not only will it attract young daredevils to Dubai just like they are attracted to Norway and Switzerland where they can base jump with wing-suits off cliffs but it also attracts lots of attention to Dubai and markets it as a cool and hip destination.

    You watch base-jumping through the perspective of a Go-Pro camera and it does not look that scary and I am sure after the first jump it is a piece of cake to jump off the following times, yet the first time your heart must be pounding, especially since unlike in sky-diving where you have a good couple of seconds to pull your reserve chute if the main shoot does not open, here you must have only 2 or 3 seconds to keep your cool and pull the reserve cute if the main shoot does not open up.

    Personally, that would be the scariest issue for me if contemplating to do base-jumping – not the feeling of free falling but the worry if the main parachute will open up and if I would have time to pull the reserve chute.

  310. Avatar

    1:39 The guy on the right doesn’t give a shit haha

  311. Avatar


  312. Avatar

    هذه هي دبي
    this is Dubai

  313. Avatar

    Feel like GTA San Andreas u.u

  314. Avatar

    Having to climb that building that many times -__-

  315. Avatar

    Oh man, i wanna do it for sure!

  316. Avatar

    Take me with you

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    ليت يحطون عندنا في برج المملكه بالرياض مثل هللعاب .

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    damn just woke up from sleeping and my hands are sweating from watching this hahahaha

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    Алексей Загарий

    Просто, КЛАСС!

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    i would love to jump, love it ,such a great experience theses gys have.

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    ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▀▀█ ▀█▀ ▒█▀▀█
    ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▄▄█ ▒█░ ▒█░░░
    ▒█▄▄▄ ▒█░░░ ▄█▄ ▒█▄▄█

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    No big deal. I do this all the time. IN MY NIGHTMARES!!! AARRRGGHH!!! No way! This ain’t for me! =O

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    Yes pls …… Wait no no no

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    Like batman!

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    i wish i could do in my dream LOL

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    ” oh we go again” XD

  329. Avatar

    That makes sense now, I was filming the beach polo (visible in the background), I had wondered what the zip line was and why people were parachuting over the main road 🙂 now I know

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    Man that looks fun 😀

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    Awesome Fishlegs

    Damn this is awesome.

  334. Avatar

    Anyone know what music they use in the video? Sounds really familiar – but just can’t place it!

  335. Avatar

    Oh… my god….

  336. Avatar

    В Дубае совершили массовый прыжок с самого высокого в мире здания
    Подробнее: http://www.rosbalt.ru/video/2015/04/30/1394603.html

  337. Avatar

    *واااااااااااااااااو عمل جبااار يستحق المخاطره عشانه , تحمست وياااااهم **-_-*

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    1:51 Epic

  339. Avatar

    Welcome to the awesome part of YouTube!

  340. Avatar

    that makes my head spin everytime I watch lol

  341. Avatar

    I cringed excitement when I saw every jump than had a flash back when i saw vid of people that were doing this at ground zero with no parachutes 🙁

  342. Avatar

    This is amazing!

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    I had a heart attack just watching this…

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    محمد المالكي

    This is nice ..??

  345. Avatar

    Cool the people

  346. Avatar

    Wow! That had me dizzy just watching

  347. Avatar
    Noah Blake Miller

    I’d be scared to death just standing on the platform

  348. Avatar

    I wanna do that! Looks fun

  349. Avatar


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    Евгений Коркин

    я бы обосрался ещё перед прыжком хД

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    Linda Meyering Steyn

    Living the dream … “oooooh can we go again”, love it 🙂

  352. Avatar

    Let me do this 😀 My god !! I Love Craziness

  353. Avatar

    WOW! That’s challenging!

  354. Avatar
    Luca Payne Italy

    Background song?

  355. Avatar

    Ahhhhhhh omg im up next year dubai for sure!!!!!!!!!

  356. Avatar

    I would do this with an umbrella!

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    You CRAZY em effers!!!

  359. Avatar
    Christopher Lanahan

    How did they not fall faster due to their massive balls

  360. Avatar

    I want to try!!Pretty amazing!!

  361. Avatar

    amazing ! but that laugh in the end tho ahaha

  362. Avatar

    This is freaking awesome!!!! Wish I could make a B.A.S.E. jump like this…

  363. Avatar

    Капец у меня даже ноги подкосились)))

  364. Avatar

    Я бы наверное не рискнул…

  365. Avatar

    This is cool… I don’t think I’m brave enough to to do it lol

  366. Avatar

    Where do I sign up???

    • Avatar

      +SCHIZOPHRENlC thousands and thousands, and thats just to get you ready for BASE

    • Avatar
      s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      +XDubai Let me correct him, what is the price to play? 🙂

    • Avatar

      At 1:55, off the jump and right into a max track to get away from the building. Very cool.
      And where does that zipline end??? I’m sure you could do a whole vid on the construction of that alone.
      I so want to visit Dubai.

    • Avatar

      +deltavee2 Unfortunately this is not open for sign up – stay tuned on our pages for all of Jetman’s latest news.

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    У меня тупо нет столько пикселей что-бы смотреть это видео в 4К ;(

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    Partnersport LLC

    cool!! excellent shhoting!

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    Виктор Колонтаевский

    it’s even scary to watch this

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    That is pretty sickk!! But what if it could go wrong

  371. Avatar
    Александр Патанин

    Golden skyscraper in Dubai – the tallest building on the planet Earth
    More pictures:

  372. Avatar

    I can’t take the view from 6 storey bulding. I’d die just from looking down from there..

  373. Avatar

    that was more than crazy

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    got all sweat while watching…phew

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    just amazing!

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    This riminds me spiderman.

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    Holy. Shit. This is AWESOME!!

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    Denis Breitenstein

    No comment.

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    we go again 😀 :d

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    that brought a smile to my face for some reason ?

  382. Avatar

    И только двое открыли парашют

  383. Avatar

    Shi amazing and really cool. I hope to try it if it was the last in my life I’m doing something … By the way I’ve liked a laugh that man at the end of a beautiful movie where some of the thrill Hahahahahahahaha??

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    نايف الاحمري


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    دربكة درنق


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    Ася Ахметова

    So cooool)

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    once in a lifetime…. 🙂

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    Fucking hell, I absolutely HAVE to do something like this in my life time, this IS LIVING!

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    That looks so much fun! Awesome vid

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    OUUU HA HAHAHAHAH WE DO IT AGAIN! That was a amazing voice!

  395. Avatar
    AmeliaEllen Conway

    I actually want to do that but 10 year olds are probably not allowed

  396. Avatar

    Wow so scary)) but I also want to parachute jump

  397. Avatar

    God, what made my heart stop was the guy at 0:58 who let go on the zipline with his feet!

  398. Avatar

    Absolutely awesome production.

  399. Avatar

    Where do i sign up?

    • Avatar

      +BananaBread Unfortunately this is not open for sign up – stay tuned on our pages for all of Jetman’s latest news.

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    Vyacheslav Mironyuk

    great and unbelievable

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    Awesome! Love the footage and feeling of the video.

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    What Camera do you guys use?

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    Your video has been selected by our staff, great work!

    #BASE off the world’s second highest residential structure, what a Dream Jump!@xdubaiofficial @skydivedubai

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    Holy shat.

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    Trade center jumpers in Dubai parody xDDDDD

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    How do you guys practice al those stunts?

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    Richard van Tricht

    owwwwwwwwww my god..this is so scary

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    woah woah woah. now this is awesome

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    fuck that is awesome

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    You do the jumps and I will do the dreaming about it until I really do it one day. Great video.

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    Just Woww!!!!

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    Fucking nuts

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    طقعت من الخوف ??

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    the day my dream come true. ..

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    Such a life is rich and colorful.

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    That guy at the end XD ‘We go again haha’

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    WOW THIS MAKE MY PANTIES WET ~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    ok, who felt thier bollocks tingling?

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    Guys(all over the world),please,do it again and again…

  423. Avatar
    vasilhs papakwnstantinou

    1:49 feels like cowbunga that feeling when u jump my god :O

  424. Avatar

    1:40 did he die ?

  425. Avatar

    That is absolutely crazy AWESOME!!!!!!!

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    1:46 did he live?

  428. Avatar

    I wonder where did the guys on wingsuits land. Evidently they had the opportunity to spend a little more time on the air, but regardless, one is going down. The whole thing was amazing. Thank you for sharing all this. Be safe and stay alive my friends.

  429. Avatar

    +Tim Vandebergh +ludy lambrechts +Aaron Van Langendonck

  430. Avatar

    Jumping off buildings is one thing but doing flips right next to it at terminal velocity is just getting ballsy.

  431. Avatar

    no thx

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    1:45. Almost tracked right back into the building. Not cool.

  433. Avatar

    My hands are wet

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    1:00 I want to know what happened to that guy lol

  435. Avatar

    I was scared just watching it!

  436. Avatar

    I got goossbumps watching this. This was fucking awesome !!!
    I’d like to do that one day.

  437. Avatar

    What do they do when they land?

    There’s a ton of cars down there!

  438. Avatar

    Watching this video: man!!! I wanna do it
    When the real time comes:*pissed my pants*

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    These guys are amazing

  440. Avatar

    At 1:46 the one chap is tracking towards the building …. pushing it a bit.

  441. Avatar

    hold my beer while I jump

  442. Avatar

    Хуйня, если честно

  443. Avatar

    This is madness!!! ????

  444. Avatar

    is it legal to jump this building year round?

  445. Avatar

    I want the chance to do this!

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    Thats dope af

  447. Avatar

    the guy at 45 sec must be bungie jumping cause no parachute

  448. Avatar

    1:27 awesome

  449. Avatar

    this is awesome, but i prefer skating more, cuz i would shit myself! good job people making this love you! <3

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    too crazy

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    I can’t believe I’m saying this but i wanna do it!

  452. Avatar

    they got balls

  453. Avatar
    Mohammad Ridzuan

    Profusely sweating…

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    daamn !

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    i get chillz just watching this Ahhh Naaaa

  456. Avatar

    When I go back to Dubai I’m definitely doing this !

  457. Avatar

    Heavy breathing.

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    its mad fun if u know how to do it

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    1:45 That looks freaking close :O

  460. Avatar

    I really wanna do this… Looks insane !

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    Sen Amaiti Sydney


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    I could watch this video a million times.

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    I really want to do this.

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    Que alucinante, solo ver este vídeo me dio vértigo…

  465. Avatar

    Wish I had a shitty life so I can try this! My life is too great to do something so patently ridiculous.

  466. Avatar

    Tha main question: what did happen to the guy at 1:45?

  467. Avatar

    The crazy guy hanging upside down on the zip line and the guys doing pull ups before jumping made my nuts hide in its shells, seriously they went to the place they are before they drop …anybody know the medical term ?

  468. Avatar


  469. Avatar

    1:30 must be soooooo fun!

  470. Avatar

    типа шлем их спасет если парашют не раскроется

  471. Avatar

    This just proves how boring my life is…

  472. Avatar

    Looks AWESOME but INSANE !!!

  473. Avatar

    Thumbs up if your palms are sweaty

  474. Avatar

    What smartphone or camera did you record? Nice quality!

  475. Avatar

    Holy shit, the one guy tracking towards the building made me shit my pants

  476. Avatar
    abdallah kamel عبدالله كامل

    هل من أحد هنا ؟ ههههههههه

  477. Avatar

    Fucking awesome!

  478. Avatar

    if you have guts have 4 children and a mortgage, that’s some adrenaline, not this…

  479. Avatar
    Miroslav Ondráš

    Asi si zaskočím do Dubaja …

  480. Avatar
    Ganeshwar Jairam

    Awesome!! Would love to do this

  481. Avatar

    1:40 thats some awesome shit right there lol

  482. Avatar

    Just to confirm there is no need for a second parachute or there is just no time?

  483. Avatar

    Im so fucking jealous!!!!!!!!!!

  484. Avatar

    what music in video ?

  485. Avatar

    Omg!!! I would ssssoooo do that!!

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    Awesome video, this looks fun. Crazy as hell, but fun.

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    Круто !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it’s crazy

  489. Avatar


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    I got my balls out from my mouth by watching diz..

  491. Avatar

    Jesus crazy white people lol I’m white too and man even I find this insane!

  492. Avatar
    Роман Емельянов

    Ни хуя себе,психи.

  493. Avatar


  494. Avatar
    Ognistyszczur ono

    red bull sponsoruje tą imprezę ?nic nowego

  495. Avatar

    White people are crazy – 2015 ?

  496. Avatar

    Dang it I got clickbaited again…

  497. Avatar

    How the hell do people do this

  498. Avatar

    my hands and legs are wet watch this

  499. Avatar

    in 1:52 you feel like ” oh my god i am jumbing too “

  500. Avatar

    *ussies disliked this! xD

  501. Avatar


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    I haven’t got any words to say

  503. Avatar
    Strain Specific LTD.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw so much nope in one video

  504. Avatar
    TheGreenfields4 Gaming

    Me: “I didn’t frickin’ sign up for this craaaaaaaaaa…”

  505. Avatar

    Me: “I didn’t frickin’ sign up for this craaaaaaaaaa…”

  506. Avatar


  507. Avatar
    TheoryGuy//Free Intros

    When your flying down. You see 10 Lamborghini’s and many more super cars

  508. Avatar

    Love it, seen it so many times but so good!

  509. Avatar

    Oh hell to the fuck no

  510. Avatar

    adrenaline : 150 ·/.

  511. Avatar

    Walking the plank 2.0

  512. Avatar

    what if they faint while falling

  513. Avatar


  514. Avatar

    It’s a die work

  515. Avatar

    These are my people!!!

  516. Avatar

    I’ll just stick to Wii sports

  517. Avatar
    Gaming with Charlie

    That looks so fun

  518. Avatar

    Dubai is Dubai

  519. Avatar

    talent talent

  520. Avatar

    A dont know if a can do this

  521. Avatar

    They think they have something Extra, when in fact, they are missing something in their survival instinct that normal people have.

  522. Avatar

    holy shit

  523. Avatar


  524. Avatar


  525. Avatar

    I’m scared to jump from my 6th step

  526. Avatar
    Nur kha yati jb .176924

    Oh my god u all hoing 2 kill me

  527. Avatar


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    where did they land

  530. Avatar



  531. Avatar

    compilation of the douchiest douches that ever douched.

  532. Avatar
    Wisanupong Potipiroon

    My palms are all wet!

  533. Avatar

    I wanna do it…

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    superb !!!

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    Fuck that

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    Humse na ho pyega bhai ?

  538. Avatar

    shitty music in the background….

  539. Avatar
    Usama Daniyal Xen

    Wow! I would love to do this amazing crazy shit just wow!!!

  540. Avatar

    I’ve done skydiving in Dubai and I freakin fell in love with it…now this is my dream , and it will come true

  541. Avatar

    my knees are week and my palms are sweaty…

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    coo.l video

  544. Avatar

    coo.l video

  545. Avatar

    Did anyone die in the making of this video? Or those that have jumped off from that building?

  546. Avatar

    1:45, I was so scared he was gonna hit the building

  547. Avatar

    OH my god…………….brave men

  548. Avatar

    this is totally insane ???

  549. Avatar

    jebac dubaj jebac arabow zapamietajcie te slowa

    • Avatar

      bedzie sie dzialo jak maja kase z ropy chwila czasu i armie rozwina na potege stanybi europa bedzie malutka

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    Taking Fun of Gravity….. good !

  551. Avatar

    hoh ebenın amı

  552. Avatar
    freddy Pelayo Huapalla

    Donde firmo?

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    When I grow up, I want to devote myself to extreme sports, although I’m afraid the possibility of colliding with buildings and dying???

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