RC Wingsuit Part 1

RC Wingsuit – Part 1

Will this fly like a… well a human? or drop like a rock? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see! Stay tuned for next weeks video where I build the parachute and a new drone ...

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Speedriding-V1//speedriding, speedflying, spidflaing, paragliding, parasailing, kite skiing, freeride

Cpidrajding. Pilot Sergei Al. Speedriding by Serguei AL. instagram.com/alserguei facebook.com/serge.al.fly youtube.com/ridingspeed vk.com/alserguei vimeo.com/alfly music: P.i. Tchaikovsky, Mariinsky Theatre-“Waltz of the flowers” from the ballet “the Nutcracker” King and Jester-“northern fleet” #спидрайдинг #спидфлаинг #лыжи #фрирайд #параплан ...

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